Saturday, December 1, 2007

57 Shots Later

Dear Spud and Sprout,
The following are several of the reasons why you have no pictures to commemorate your growing up years.

(Yes that is spit on your pants, I can't explain it either!)

So, I hope this helps explain why you two have far fewer photo albums than your sweet girl cousins. It may also explain why mommy talks to herself.

Love ya,



Alyson said...

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
you poor thing.
Here...I'll go and have another boy so I can share in your experiences.

KnittinChick said...

Well... you can tell your children that it was a more artistic view of their childhood vs. sitting pretty pictures!

Maybe a more Jackson Pollock view of childhood than Norman Rockwell.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

The real question is, did you get one that turned out?

Alyson, based on your comment, are you trying to tell us something?

char said...

Oh my oh my!! I'll bring my camera next time I come!! Love you soo much, thank you for making me smile when I'm tired and grouchy!!

Janet said...

That is hilarious. And sooooo very typical.