Thursday, November 29, 2007

My First Meme

So, I've been tagged by JCK to do a meme. I've been procrastinating about it all week because most memes require that you do certain things and I don't follow directions well. Or at all. So, although I am supposed to post the rules on my blog and then tag seven people, I'm not gonna. If you feel like doing this though, you go right ahead! If you want to follow the official rules they can be found here.

I do like to talk about myself however, so I will now share with you seven tidbits that will fascinate and amaze you. Or at least not put you into a coma from boredom. I hope.

1. I have met Mikhail Gorbachev. I won an essay contest in high school so along with 9 others I got to be on a panel interviewing him. This was THE highlight of my high school career. As if y'all needed more proof of the geek factor.

2. Since I said "I do" eleven years ago I have moved six times. Prior to marriage I moved twice and it was always in the same area of the same city. Now I am excited if the move doesn't involved a new driver's license.

3. When I was five I told my mom that a stranger had asked me to go with him. This is not entirely true. We had been covering stranger danger in kindergarten and I had a rather wicked imagination. Can you see where this is going? What had actually happened was a stranger had said hi to me. I let my imagination fill in the rest. Sorry mom. Now that I am a parent I can understand the panic this may have caused. At the time I couldn't figure out what the big deal was.

4. I have only kissed two guys in my life. One being Way Cooler and another being a dude named Dave.

5. I am extremely directionally challenged. If you tell me to go North I will give you a blank stare. People often ask which direction our house is facing. It faces the cul-de-sac. Beyond that, I have no idea. If someone tells me to go left, I have to think about it for a second or two. I usually remind myself "I write with my left, so go in that direction." Apparently this is THE most frustrating thing in the world to a male. At least to the male who lives in my house. Oh well.

6. I like to cross my toes. It's probably going to really mess with with my alignment and someday I won't be able to uncross them and I'll be an elderly lady with freaky feet who can't find shoes that fit, but right now, it's comfortable.

7. I've never been to Boston in the fall.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

Just wait until mom and dad read number 3. You're going to be in trouble...

Sue said...

"People often ask which direction our house is facing. It faces the cul-de-sac. Beyond that, I have no idea."

Ha! That made me laugh out loud...

KnittinChick said...

Seriously... I remember thinking that I would just keep on staring at the rather interesting map on Mikhail's head if I met him. You asked some rather intellectual question, if I recall correctly!

Hmmm....maybe you'll be a brain surgeon someday not a plastic surgeon!

Alyson said...

Dave? Does Alana know? Don't is our little secret ;)

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Alyson, that is SO funny. Dave and I were wondering if people would question my sister kissing a "Dave". Don't worry, not the same one. I think both Dave and The Geek are grateful for that one!

BTW, the Dave that The Geek refers to is probably twice as tall as her and could have probably fit her in his back pocket!

happygeek said...

I must confess that when I first read your comment I was like "eww" not that Dave is eww but he's pretty much my brother!

Janet said...

Is there something SPECIAL about Boston in the fall? Or is it secret code for "I am a Russian spy?"

JCK said...

Hey, You! Glad to see your 7, lady.

Geek or no, the Mikhail Gorbachev panel interview is very cool. See your writing started early.

I laughed at your being "directionally challenged." I, too, suffer from this. It is sad.

Have a great weekend!

happygeek said...

Obviously you have not been a victim of veggietales "the Pirates who don't do anything!"