Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Stuff

One of the blogs I read a lot is Mommyknows. She is the owner of The Baby Marketplace which is a great place to get cool clothes, wooden toys and lots and lots of cloth diapers. She also gives away tons of stuff on her blog.

Since May I have won twice. Those of you who know me know two things, I love free stuff, and usually I never win anything (which makes me sad) so since I actually win FREE STUFF I really like Kim.

This week's contest involves blogging about the contest for an additional chance to win! I LOVE additional chances! Soooo...

Now that you know you need to go to Mommyknows and leave a comment and you can win a stylin diaper bag! This is not the hearts and teddy-bears kind, this one you might actually want to carry! Done with diaper bags? Won't you be the coolest person at the next baby shower you go to when you give that away! No one has to know it was free. It'll be our little secret!!

So go already:)

1 comment:

KnittinChick said...

Two times winning? How cool. The last thing I won was a David Meece tape. That should make you feel like you are definitely luckier than I am!