Saturday, December 29, 2007

We're Baaack!

The wait is over! I am blogging again. How did you survive the week without me? This is not a good time to comment and say "you were gone? Didn't even notice", even if you are thinking it!

The one good thing about a week away with children, lots and lots of blog fodder. So, this way, I can bore you for weeks about my trip! Yep, I can hear the masses deleting me from their bloglines as we speak.

Oh well, it's my blog and I'll bore you if I want to!!!! (Grin)

So, a few highlights,

1. Taking my fish and pirate crazy son to the ocean for the first time! It was a little disappointing that we didn't get to see Nemo, but we did see a pirate ship. (yes, Spud has definitely spent too much time on this site recently.)

2. We took the boys to the Zoo on Christmas Eve day. It was beautiful out, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves! The wimpy Vancouverites probably stayed home because it was only 4 degrees out but hey that's like 20 degrees warmer than what we are used to! We were practically in shorts!

3. The boys got to spend lots of time with their grandma! They love her to death and it was so neat to watch their eyes light up whenever they saw her! She and her husband may never be the same again after our invasion as two toddler boys aren't exactly quiet or clean or predictable, but we were so glad they put up with us anyway!

4. Cross-border shopping! At Par! Without Kids! (Grandma babysat, don't worry I didn't leave them in the car) A huge sale at Bath and Body Works! It just doesn't get any better than that my friends!

5. Coming home.


Janet said...

Blogville sure has been busy without your geekiness. I'm glad you're back....even if you didn't buy me anything from Bath and Bodyworks. Meanie.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

You're back! You're back! I won't have to sit and sigh and cry at my computer waiting and waiting and waiting. Glad you had a good trip! What did you bring me from Bath & Bodyworks?

KnittinChick said...

Did you bring all your friends who read your blog fun treats from Bath & Bodyworks?

Sounds like you had fun. Glad to hear that there were no emergencies out there!

JCK said...

Missed you! So glad you are back and seem relatively unscathed! ;0 Thanks for being such a great read and Happy New Year to you!

Bargainista said...

Glad you're back! i was checking your blog every day that i wasn't working. Missed you!