Thursday, December 6, 2007

How Diego Made Me Cry

I've been struggling with nasty tension headaches for a couple of months so I've been looking at drug free ways to get them managed as the drugs just aren't working.

Tonight I had my first session of acupuncture. That was not exactly my idea of a good time. Massage yes, being poked with needles in the top of my head, can't say I'll rush to do that again, especially since I still have the dumb headache that sent me there in the first place!

I hadn't gone with the intention of being poked, I wanted some physiotherapy. To me, that's a few stretches and some exercises. That I can do. Alternative Chinese medicine, not so much.

You see once again, I had a plan. I have got to stop doing that. I was going to Physio, Costco and then W*l-mart. Except Physio took nearly two hours, so Costco was closed by the time I was done.

I should have known, it's not been a good week for the warehouse and I. We tried to go last night and as we approached we noticed there were no lights. At all. This was a pretty good indicator there was no power. So, we gave up on the idea of greasy hotdogs and filling my prescription and headed home.

So since Costco and I are not destined to hook up anytime soon, I went to W*l-mart looking for the folding Diego Potty-seat.

As an aside can I mention that I love this invention? It makes running around with a newly trained child almost painless (As painless as running errands with two kids three and under can be).

However, it is important to note the following: DO NOT leave the seat out in van when it is -25 at night. This will cause the seat to crack and when you put a nearly 40 pound three year old on it the seat will break causing your child to fall into the pot. This should be avoided. At all costs. Trust me.

So here I am in Wal-M*rt at 8:45 staring at an empty shelf where the folding potty-seats should be. The tears started to well up. Yep, I'm really good with stress. I'm thinking Air Traffic Controller is an excellent career option.

Guess what the boys and I are doing tomorrow?


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I'll title this comment "How the Happy Geek Made Me Cry". I'm sorry your day was kind of crappy. They tried acupuncture on me one time and only got two needles in. After that I seem to remember running out of that office.

Hope today is better.

char said...

Ah sweetheart. Life is a crapper sometimes, eh?

Well, I'll be praying that you'll get the prescription filled and that you find a new seat. Maybe it'll be on sale!!

Loves to you,

Janet said...

Oh, that just sucks. I'm sorry your toilet seat wasn't there. (now THAT'S a sentence I don't often write....:-))

Hang in there, Geek.

PS- I could never do acupuncture. Scary.

Sue said...

Awwwww, poo. Tomorrow is another day, right? Hope it is much, much better. {{hugs}}

Michelle said...

Oh Honey! You made ME cry!

Have faith. Something will come along to help with those headaches (we will pray for your healing).

May I share? Not that I am Imelda Marcos or anything, but my best stress relief?


Something that is pretty, just for you and the kids stay home with daddy!

Hope you have better days from now on!

KnittinChick said...

Yucky! Especially considering that Mr. Acupuncture was not nice for you.

There's a saying that go along with this...
---- (I insert life) happens!

I'm assuming that it was by a mom that was driving all around a city in the dead of winter looking for a toilet seat cover.