Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Few Answers That Will Probably Make You Sorry You Asked the Questions

I have had a few questions asked in my comments over the past few weeks and being a wee bit lame-headed tonight and not having much else to blog about right now I thought I would answer them for you! Because I don't know how you would face Monday without knowing the following:

1. I recently mentioned that I have only kissed Way Cooler and a Dude named Dave. Alyson asked if that was my brother-in-law.

Ewww, yuck! (Not that it's yucky for my sister, he's a great guy, but I've only ever know him as her guy, so he's really much more in the realm of a brother than guy I would ever want to kiss.)
Dave (that I kissed) was a very nice guy who had one flaw, he didn't want to date me anymore. He was also 1 foot 2 inches taller than I making the whole kissing thing a bit more tricky!

2. In that same post Janet asked what the big deal was about Boston in the Fall.

I sometimes forget that not everyone has to listen to Veggietales until they want to hurl themselves out a window. That was a reference to "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". It's also true, I had a nursing baby when Way Cooler got to go to a conference there so I've never been to Boston. I hear it's lovely. I want to go. I live in Western Canada, so I will probably never get there. In any season. (Big sigh.)

3. Momofthecrazies asked if I ever got a usable picture from my photo shoot with the boys.

That would be no. 57 shots in over an hour, not one was usable. Way Cooler took ten pictures in five minutes and three were great. Yep. It's a conspiracy to ensure I never step near a camera again.

So, there you have it, now you can all sleep well tonight! Also, thank-you for your nice comments about my day Thursday. I was so exhausted from my headache that not finding a seat seemed utterly overwhelming. The headache is still there but I have been spending the weekend reminding myself of all the good things I do have and that has seemed to keep my crazed emotions more in check!

Have a super Monday!


KnittinChick said...

It's amazing that we could live without those answers. Now we have those answers and we'll look forward to your fabulousy, funny blog posts.

We'll hope that you don't have the headache any longer so your thoughts and musings will make us laugh.

Janet said...

Oh, thank you so much. I was DYING to know the answers and haven't slept in DAYS....

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Just so you know, I've seen Boston in the fall AND I've kissed Dave. Just so you know, both are fantastic! And beautiful. And breathtaking. And mesmerizing. And memorable. Shall I go on, or is everyone nauseous?

Dave said...

Please go on momofthecrazies, I want to hear more about Dave.

happygeek said...

Dave, I'm thinking you're the only one:)

KnittinChick said...

Momofthecrazies... We need to get you out more often or else you might have more lovely crazy children.

And Dave... You ARE the only one that wants to hear Momofthecrazies go on about the kissing thing.

Boston sounds more interesting to hear about!