Friday, March 7, 2008

The Diva of Design

I am about to make a shocking revelation.

Wait for it.

I am not all that good at decorating.

I know. You are shocked. In total disbelief. I totally had you all fooled with my awesome mantle decorations but quite honestly I am not Martha Stewart.

I just don't get colours and textures and knick-knacks paddy wacks. When people start talking interior design, well, I sort of have the same reaction as when Way Cooler used to discuss his PhD seminars with me. I smile and nod a lot and hope I don't look too incredibly stupid.

When Antique Mommy started up Inspired Spaces I tried to read it, honestly I did. I LOVE Antique Mommy, but most of the stuff she is trying to fix, I don't really see anything wrong with. I finally gave up.

Even though I know I am not exactly a design diva, I did not realize how BAD it really was until last week.

Last week we had to pick new paint colours. So, we decided to leave the decision up to the experts. You know who is an expert next to me? Two middle aged men. Yep, my realtor and painter-dude picked the colours. They are normal beer-drinking, foot-ball watching dudes. They wouldn't even be considered metrosexual and there they were with a paint wheel babbling on about tones and shades.

On second thought maybe I do need to start reading Inspired Spaces. And every other blog out there like it. Because it's a little damaging to the femininity to have two dudes do your design.


Dana J. Tuszke said...

If it makes you feel better, I suck at decorating, too. My house is one big mismatched design mess. But hopefully once I can do spring cleaning I can rummage a lot and start over. ;)

KnittinChick said...

Well... admitting it is the first step to getting freedom. Or invite your mom and me over to help in your new home!

Janet said...

The "Geekdom" is far reaching, eh? LOL! Dont' worry about it. Paint it neutral and decorate around it....or you could do what my husband suggests....STARK WHITE EVERYTHING.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

When we decorated our current house, I took wall color samples as well as our floor samples to play groups and let my friends pick out my colors (or at least approve them for me). I think I'm going to do the same colors we have in our current house in the next one.

By the way, we arrived at the in-law's last evening. I had a deer dart out in front of me while I was driving, but thankfully managed to avoid hitting it. Whew!

Bargainista said...

Who cares whether your home is a Martha Stewart special, ('cept maybe for the people who want to buy your home). You can write an awesome, and humorous blog and you have a number of happy readers.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Nice new design Geeky! Hope all is well in the land of Geek.

Bargainista said...

For a woman who isn't into design you've done a awesome job on your your new blog look!
i LIKE it!