Monday, March 10, 2008

It's been a Marvehlous Monday

And I'm not even being sarcastic!

So what makes it so great?

Well, since you asked,

*My house is SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD and the conditions are OFF OFF OFF OFF. Cue marching band and the geek doing cartwheels! Yes, I know, I should muster up at least some enthusiasm for this momentous event. (Yep, now the sarcasm is back). I am over the roof delighted.

* My blog makeover is complete and it looks wonderful. This was my Christmas present from Way Cooler. This makeover was done by Butterfly Kisses Blog Design. I cannot say enough good things about Butterfly Kisses. She did a great job and really all she had to go with was that I didn't want it to looks too busy and my favorite colours are red and blue. Poor lady! Working with me and 38 weeks pregnant? That's a lot to take!

*After months of searching I have found the perfect straw sippy cup. (It really takes so very little to move me. It's quite sad.) It actually does not leak, as opposed to claiming it doesn't and then dripping all over my carpet, and the part the child sucks on is basically the same as a regular sippy cup as instead of the silicon straws that my kids can rip apart with their teeth in the time it takes me to shell out the money for a new one. (Oh my goodness, that is really one of the longest sentences ever. Gotta love a run-on.)

*If you live in Eastern Canada or Northern BC you may want to skip this one
It's Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The snow is melting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did not need a coat outside today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Daylight savings time. My kids now sleep until 7:00! I may no longer be able to park a SUV in the bags under my eyes. Might get down to hatchback size if this sleeping-in mania continues.

* I finally got my Blogher ads! I will now be able to send the boys to college! (Provided they are willing to wait till they are 80)

* I went to my parent's place for the painting of our house (much more on that later) and for two days in a row my dad sent me away to shop or what-not while he babysat my babes. AND he cooked dinner. Really, I could die tonight and my life would pretty much be complete. Not that I'm planning on kicking it so soon, but if I did, I'd be OK. Plus the whole heaven thing too. That'd be pretty cool.
And this is now enough about death.

So, my Monday (and previous few days) rocked.



Sue said...



char said...

Love Love LOVE the new design!!!!!


Life In Progress said...

I LOVE the new look - red & blue is a great color combo!

KnittinChick said...

I was about to say that you were becoming Martha Stewart but alas, Way Cooler intervened.

Congrats on the house:-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sale of your house! So what is the name of this wonderful straw sippy cup? You left me hanging there. Love the new blog design by the way!


Teri said...

I should have read this before I posted mine, I tried not to celebrate the warm weather and melting snow too much, I didn't want Char to be annoyed LOL!

I'm so so happy your house sold! Great news, and I really love the new template....except the link color, OW!

JCK said...

You are just BURSTING with news! I am LOVING this blog design. I am thrilled for you! It really captures you. Fun and light and FUN!

Huge congrats on the house sale!

And a sippy cup straw coup!

I'm unveiling a new blog design soon, too. Stay tuned...probably next week.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

That is not your longest sentence ever. Take it from the person who used to have to proof your work.