Sunday, March 23, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well, actually in a mini-van, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

The move is this week.

Yes, you are right, we did just sell the house. Three weeks ago on Wednesday.

It's been a wee bit busy.

Just a bit.

HOWEVER, we are cheating and paying people to pack a fair bit of the stuff.

It's a bit of an extra expense but we decided that it was cheaper than therapy.

No, our new house will not be ready until May 1st.

The boys and I (and Way Cooler part time) will be moving in with my folks.

Pray for them.

This is the third time I've had to temporarily live with my parents in between moves. They are GOOD people. Suckers for punishment though.

So, as you can probably guess the posts will be few and far between this week. The packers come Wednesday and then we head down to my folks shortly there after.

DO not despair, my parent's tiny town does have internet (it came shortly after they got electricity a couple of years ago) so I will still be posting.

Just not till then.

The electricity thing was a joke. Their town has had it for at least 10 years now.

OK, I'll stop.


Janet said...

I wish you ALL the best with your move, and am praying that it goes swimmingly. Looking forward to a post from the new place. I expect pictures.

Bargainista said...

Let the good times roll!
Do enjoy the 'adventure' of these next wk/mos.

i am praying for your wonderful parents...oh yes, and for you too!

And if their computer doesn't work, you can always use the computer at the library, the 2hrs. a wk. that it is open. Just kiddin', (about the library hrs.)

Dawn and Dale said...

Oh my gosh you make me laugh!!! lol ;)

KnittinChick said...

The prayers are already starting for all of you.

Remember, don't pack junk... It's singing out to you, "Please release me!"

Life In Progress said...

Just wanted to say that it is SO not cheating to pay packers/movers. That's just smart thinkin' in my opinion. Good luck to you (& your parents!).

char said...

I hate it that you are now moving even further away!! Ah well, at least we have the web!! Love you so much.

MamaGeek said...

Best of luck with your move. And of course, to your parents too! :)

Teri said...

so, since you're calling me, does that mean you'll be close? CAN'T WAIT!!!!
I hope the move goes smoothly and that living with the folks doesn't become wwIII!!!

JCK said...

Hey, hope the movers did well today and everything went smoothly. Well, that's relative...with kids underfoot. Good luck at your mom's. Will look forward to posts when you can.