Saturday, April 26, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog to Bring You a Move

So, the big move is this week.

Monday we take possession.

Tuesday morning the stuff comes.

Tuesday afternoon Way Cooler leaves me and the boys for ten days.

Saturday I dissolve into a little puddle of packing tape and shelf-liner.

The worst part?

No Internet. Yep, because Way Cooler has to leave so soon on Tuesday, there is a strong possibility that he will not have time to set up the computer before he leaves. I can set up the computer fine, it's the whole network thing-y that is working me into a cold sweat. So, chances are I will be living like the pioneers, web-free.

Yes, it is a tragedy. Send chocolate.

Actually, we will all be quite fine, what with unpacking and finding stuff and everything I don't know when I would have time to blog anyway. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I'll be back. (Insert Arnie accent.)

For those of you wondering how Way Cooler gets off so easy, I actually have it easier. In those ten days he is giving and grading finals, having a minor surgical procedure, (no it's not THAT one) attending Grad (insert yawn) and teaching a course. "Everything You Wanted to Know About the History of Preaching but Were Afraid to Ask Stuffed into one Action-Packed Week." (The real title is a little different, but mine is Waaay catchier.) All the while living in a dorm room that was last decorated and disinfected in 1978.

So, we will be back once we are all settled in and happy!!

Miss me lots!


Sue said...

Happy Moving. (If that is possible.)

KnittinChick said...

Hmmm... Somehow I think that hanging out with two rather energetic toddlers/preschoolers (depending on how good the day looks!) wins out over the dorm room... Way Cooler may be able to go on an archeological dig/discovery in the dorm room!

Do you at least have phone connections? That would be brutal to have no outside connection.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

What? You aren't going to ignore all your unpacking, go to the local library (dragging the two boys along) and write your blog from there all so you can keep ME entertained? You're so selfish!

Teri said...

Man, I wish I could at least be an escape for you, but it will have to be on the weekend, because I'm full time everyday this week! So by saturday, if you need to runaway from home (with the kids LOL!) call me.

Bargainista said...

Sounds like a 'fun' wk. planned for both of you!
No postings?? That will give me time to catch up on your blogs that i missed while i was away on holidays.
This wk. may provide some more good blog fodder.
Thinking of you, w. a prayer!

granola_granny said...

Sounds like survival time. Only unpack when the kids are in bed, snacking on bran buds you smuggled from Nana and Papa's, or watching a Veggie Tale Sequel. Mom should be rewarded with chocolate at each meal and a liesurely bath at the day's end. Praying all goes well and that no Bob the Tomatoe or other critical item goes missing.