Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bullets. (Alternate Title: This Post May Be So Boring You Might Want Some to Put it Out of it's Misery. )

* Now that Way Cooler is home (excuse me while I go do a handspring) he has started to tackle projects around the house. We have been insulating and plywooding the garage. Yes I did say we. I am truly a vital part of the project. I hold the wood while Way Cooler drills. Look out Bob Villa.

I can decorate and renovate I am truly the whole package.

Umm hmm.

* Last Monday was Victoria Day which in Canada means the start of the camping and planting season. It is not unusual at all to have snow on the Victoria day Long Weekend but this year we got to celebrate in shorts and sunscreen. (Hey Gilles, the Monarchy is useful after all.)

I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that 6 days earlier I was shovelling but I didn't mind. Not at all. I really do love summer. Really really. I like to think the 6 months of winter helps us to truly appreciate summer unlike a Floridian who just takes the whole thing for granted. That doesn't mean I wouldn't trade places with them in heartbeat though.

*Sprout has decided that we are taking far too long getting around to potty-training him and has started to do it for himself. Can't say I mind at all. Less work for me. I wonder if he'd like to try his hand at cooking next?

* We now return you to something more interesting, such as paint drying, dental work and The World Series of Poker.


JCK said...

Yeah for Big Boy Sprout! That is very exciting, HG! And don't feel bad. In California the weather has been wacky, too. High 50's and fog, high of almost 100, and now back to low 70's.

KnittinChick said...

I had a very scary thought that WC might be holding the wood and lefty HG was drilling. This is a much better solution! Maybe Mike Holmes will drop by your place when he's in town next week:-)

Bargainista said...

Sprout potty training himself!!! Can any mom be so lucky! Congratulations to him.
Enjoy watching the paint dry and the World Poker Series, or whatever it is

Janet said...

You can do a HANDSPRING? This I gotta, woman. I want proof.

granola_granny said...

Go Sprout Go!!! While you're at it teach yourself how to blow you nose and tie your shoes. Your Kindergarten teacher will LOVE you.

Lady Why said...

Hello, Happy Geek!!! Sorry to contact you via your comments section especially when I'm not commenting on your very funny post. And, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that you were celebrating Victoria Day in shorts and sunscreen! As a girl who resides below the Mason Dixon line, this is music to my ears!

But, I digress. I'm commenting to inform you that you won our "Name That Laptop" contest!! Ruby won out over the other entries including a few from family members that weren't listed on the blog! Ruby does seem to fit the new gal just right!

So, please email me at with your email address and we'll get your Amazon giftcard right off to you!

Congratulations again, my Canadian friend!! I hope your warm weather is here to stay for the summer!

Char and Avery said...

Hello, my girl, comment for comment, eh? Cough cough!! Lol!! I love you so hugely!! And by the way, you are NEVER boring!!!

tallmom said...

thats great that sprout is training himself!! my boys are finally nite trained but Boofie refuses not to wear a pull up!i have tried many types of persuasion! it must be a security thing!