Friday, June 27, 2008


I've got a bit of a confession.

I really like to tease Way Cooler.

After twelve years I have pretty much figured out what buttons to push and do so with alarming frequency. My reasoning is, I don't knit, scrapbook or quilt and a girl has got to have some sort of a hobby. (While some might say our hobby is moving, that's more a couple thing. I want a hobby all for me.)

One of the easiest ways to get his gander up is to misuse the English Language. His mom was a teacher. She was the sort of teacher that people line up to get for their kids. She made those kids work hard and pushed them to do well. After only a year kids left her classroom with a great grasp of all the basics, especially grammar. Way Cooler had her as a "teacher" for 22 years of schooling. She proof-read all his papers right through to his PhD. You don't get immersed in that without really loving all the rules of syntax and the like.

He hates to see English misused, so of course, I butcher it on a regular basis. I say gems such as "them thangs", "I ain't", "I don't got" "you did good" and frequently make up words. Instead of saying "go farther to the left", I take the shortcut and say "go lefter". Funner, greeny, and cookingly have all been uttered by these lips.

I know. It's a gift.

A gift that I was delighted to see has been passed on to our offspring. Spud needed to describe something this week and proclaimed, "it's, it's, it's hugeible."

I've just never been so proud.

P.S. I know the title is misspelled. That's on purpose. Don't e-mail me. Unless it's to tell me how funny I am. Then go for it. You can even send chocolate if you like.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

You're too funny. I tend to start using the words the crazies make up. My favourite is instead of saying "I am not" or "I'm not", they say "I amn't". So cute!

Sarah said...

I have a MIL like that too. And my hubby is always correcting me also. He hates it when I make up words--I tell him he needs to be more creative.

I was hoping that the post title was misspelled on purpose. You never know...I have found many blogs where they would have no clue :-) It did make me laugh when I realized it was on purpose!

Janet said...

Know choklit four ewe. Ewe arr two meen four choklit. Eye stil lyke ewe, though, even if your meen. Ewe wood git along very wel with my sister. She is baaad four doing stuf lyke that. She iz always buging me bye trying to mes up the Kween's english.

KnittinChick said...

WOWzers! You are the bestest at inventing new things.

Keep up the good 'work.'

Anonymous said...

In the military we don't need to butcher the english language, we just use acronyms instead. For example,

DLCI will deploy LCSS SR5 to 16 CMBG NLT Jul 04 for JTF HQ 4-06.

That sentence makes perfect sense to me but is gibberish to almost everyone else. Isn't the english language versatile.

JCK said...

Ohhh...I can picture it! His dander is up! And that's just over the blog post spelling!

Tez said...

heheheeh! I am the grammar correcter in our house.People always respond "oh, I suck at grammar, I just never learned it" as if that makes it OK!!!????
However, I am not as anal as way cooler, because I have some rockin made up words!
(most of them....not suitable for tender sensibilities, like my favorite way to refer to my ex husband *f##ktard*)

a Tonggu Momma said...

You ARE funny! Thanks for leaving a comment so that I could learn that. We love malaprops and incorrect grammar around here. I enjoyed the ones you shared in your post... and your all-in-fun needling of your husband.

Most importantly, thank you for the encouragement and your thoughts. I'm feeling so much better now that we made the break. And, not surprisingly, no one from the church called.

That says a lot, I think.

Char and Avery said...

Is there a way to email chokolate??

Hmmm I'll look into it!

Luv ya huger, Char

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! I noticed that "grammer" was misspelled right away and was horrified, until I read your comment at the end! I too am quite annoyed with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It is VERY difficult for me to read through the Fox Creek Times, as I'm sure it was for Way Cooler. Sometimes I swear I am going to go down there and offer, no demand, to spell check their paper each week!