Monday, June 30, 2008

Wee Willie Geekie

Our house is brand new. We went this route because between the two of us there is not a lot of handy. You could fit all our handy in a thimble and still have room. We figure we have at least five years before things start to fall apart. Given our track record, we will be long gone before then.

Because it is new our driveway had not yet been poured when we moved in. We had to wait until there was pretty much no more chance of frost before they would pour it. Then we had a month of rain. So, I've had a driveway of dirt and gravel for the past two months. This really isn't a big deal but I was still delighted when the concrete dude knocked on my door last Thursday and told me they would be pouring the driveway on Friday at 10:30.

I was a little less than delighted Friday morning at 7:30 when there was a knock on the door. It was another concrete dude asking me to please move my vans as they wanted to pour our driveway. At that moment.

My kids were having their breakfast. I was attired in a housecoat and jammies. Classy.

So, off I ran to move both vans. Immediately.

There were several things wrong with this picture.

1. I was leaving a two year old boy alone with a bowl of yogurt and a spoon.

2. We live in the midst of a construction zone and there are no close by parking spots. The vans would need to be moved about a block away. There was not room for both vans at my first parking spot, so I had to move van two a block away in the other direction.

3. Did I mention the seven year old fleece house coat with moons and stars all over it? Plus the floral PJ pants?

So, now neighbors up and down our street (and around the corner) have seen me running around in my nightgown.

Not to mention about 20 different construction dudes.

All of a sudden I feel the urge to move again.


KnittinChick said...

I can tell that I'm related to you... just to show that maybe we might have the Klampetts' genes... the international students missed the bus this morning and I had to drive them to the Ctrain station in my jammies.


Janet said...

It's better than slinky lingerie. Then they would REALLY talk. And so would the construction dudes. Well, THEY might whistle.

Bargainista said...

Got my laugh for the day!
When i started reading, i thought S&S were going to lock you out of the house and then try their hands at redecorating your new home.

Char and Avery said...

I'm with bargainista!! Totally was waiting for a child-horror story!! You showing off your fashion sense (or lack of?) is really no big deal!! Fun to read about non the less!!

Hugs to you!!

Life In Progress said...

Oh, I don't mean to laugh, but this was just too funny. And I can so relate, people are always knocking on my door when I'm in flannel pants & a ratty t-shirt.