Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Vacation Lowdown

It was good.

Very good.

While I could ramble for days about how much I enjoyed my holiday, there are mountains of post holiday cleaning that still need to be dealt with.

So, I'll give you my top ten things I enjoyed about my child-free extravaganza.

10. Chai tea lattes every morning. From Starbucks no less. I normally have a big hairy fit about paying four bucks for a drink but it was my holiday so I splurged. Mmmmm.

9. Lake Louise. If you have not been there yet, put it on your bucket list. The pictures do not do it justice. I always have this overwhelming urge to burst into "How Great Thou Art" while visiting, but if I did Way Cooler would probably push me into the lake. It still had ice in it so I stayed quiet.

8. Having conversations with my husband about subjects other than speech delay; potty-training; buying, selling and packing the house and behaviour management.

7. Lying in bed, eating potato chips, watching Obama after he clinched the majority. Say what you will about his politics, the man can give a speech.

6. Reading a book in the outdoor hot tub surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. It was rough but someone had to do it.

5. Visiting the washroom alone. For 4 days. And you know, I wasn't even lonely once.

4. 5 days without Bob, Larry or Junior.

3. A long visit with a good friend who I don't see nearly enough.

2. Dressing up for dinner. A steak dinner. Need I say more?

1. Seeing my babies again after a four day absence. Being away is good, being together is better.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

Pictures! We need pictures!

I've always wanted to visit Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies.

Char and Avery said...

I hear you, love!! Hugs from me! I missed you!

Janet said...

Oh, that was a great post. I was feeling it. Especially the hottub part.

Bargainista said...

So Glad that you and WC had a great time away!
Did you get to Moraine Lake? That has to absolutely be my favorite place for awesome scenery (and no extra fees), and it is on the way up to Lake Louise.

Another question, did you wear pantyhose for your night of dressing up and dinner out???
(Just remembered one of your former blogs about wearing pantyhose where i just about killed myself laughing).

happygeek said...

Pics would be good.
However, we didn't take our camera.
It's rather sad but a true part of who we are.

granola_granny said...

Hmmmm I like the part about reading in the hottub with the Rockies in the background. Was 'Sense and Sensibility' a bookish box office hit for you? And as for the 'no camera'. Someone with a fabulous memory like yours and an effervescent imagination to fill in any gaps needs no camera.

KnittinChick said...

Hmmm... the thought of Happy Geek celebrating four days without Bob and Larry is a little freaky! You didn't even need to imbibe in special drinks (apart from chai lattes) to get a buzz!

JCK said...

How fabulous that you got away! And really treated yourselves. Sounds heavenly!

We'll have to "talk" about the speech delay thing. My boy had it and now we wonder about all the worrying and our ears are ringing from the nonstop chattering! LOL Just know it will change. We did speech therapy and a couple of other suggestions. Perhaps all of those things worked. Perhaps he just talked late. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Geek, I was happy to visit with you and feel we dont see each other often enough either. I loved our time together. Im so glad you had a good time.