Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yee Haw

This week is Stampede.

For ten days the entire city pretends we are cowpokes. There are more stetsons and shiny new Wranglers than can be found in the entire state of Texas.

There also are breakfasts, parades, BBQ's, petting zoos and the like. And that's just the free stuff.
If you don't mind crowds and like to spend money the city is your oyster. There is a big fair, a rodeo and enough booze to float the entire Canadian Navy.

Because nothing says Wild West like a bunch of drunk oil executives.

Since I have been doing every thing with two little boys we've been sticking to the free and easy stuff. We've been to several pancake breakfasts and they are so cute in their cowboy hats, plaid shirts and sheriff's badges. But this morning Spud decided he no longer wanted to be a cowboy he wanted to wear his hockey shirt. Fine. Except one thing.

It's an Oilers shirt. For those of you not familiar with the NHL there is a massive and longstanding teeny weeny rivalry between the Calgary Flames and the Oilers. It'd kinda be like wearing a Longhorns jersey to a OU game.

It's a good thing he's cute or there would have been no pancakes today. Some of the looks I got were downright dirty. Lighten up people, at least he was clothed. Some days na*ked would be a whole lot easier.


Janet said...

Atta boy, Spud. GO OILERS. :-)

I think that's hilarious.

KnittinChick said...

Do NOT mess with the Flames pride. And hide that stinkin' Oilers shirt before it comes out again:-)

JCK said...

Only the kids can do the embarassing!

manager mom said...

My kid has been sporting full on Arsenal regalia for about five days straight. Sine Arsenal is a soccer team, and nobody in the US knows soccer, I get a lot of funny looks from people who think I'm raising some sort of gun freak.

Bargainista said...

Gotta love Spud's individuality, no peer pressure there, (should he understand what that means).
And Bravo! for a mother who doesn't dress her kids to make her feel good! (however, i think you probabely felt quite fine about it all).

Char and Avery said...

"Uncle Ryan" would be proud!! Lol!!

Sue Cramer said...

So true! My daughter would agree wholeheartedly that some days naked would be easier!