Friday, July 11, 2008

Road Trip

I remember when the words "road trip" used to prompt excitement.

The music would be pumping, the snacks tasty, and our conversation would flow.

Now the music will be of the machine variety and the snacks will be tossed into the back seat in a desperate bid to quiet the conversation. The NEVER-ENDING conversation.

The boys and I are off to Great-Nana's birthday party and when we return we will be gearing up for Spud's birthday party.

As Spud likes to exclaim, "wow, that'll be special!"

Special, scary, I guess it all depends on your perspective. It'll be something anyway.

See you next week.


KnittinChick said...

yep... they won't know what hit them until they realize it's a yummy fruit snack!

Janet said...

Have fun! I used to love road trips too.....not so much now. :-)

Bargainista said...

Our gramma was about 10hrs from our place when the kid's were little. Gramma had a wonderful habit of packing a snack bag for the kids when we left their place to return home. It was done up in a brown lunch bag and stapled shut. My rule was it could not be opened for the 1st hr. The kids had a wonderful time 'feeling' the items inside and waging guesses of what each item was. It made the first hr. go by fairly well. AND then they were allowed only one treat from the bag for the next few miles, and the next few get the picture. We also read storybooks to the kids on the way. However, as you are driving yourself, it should be no problem for you to make up stories for the boys, should you get tired of the Machine! (couldn't believe that they are still producing music for kids!)

granola_granny said...

Long roadtrips... you love em for the first two hours. After that you love them more when your kids are either sleeping or plugged into their personal ipods.

Tez said...

I hope the remainder of your trip went well. Thank you SO SO much for taking the time to stop here for coffee, I ADORED your little hooligans, "need help, nope" and I was so blessed to have coffee with ya.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for comming on the road with my two wonderful grandsons. Thanks for being there to celebrate my Mom's 100th. I have the best kid's and grandkid's in the world. My eyes are full with tears of gratitude for this special time for my Mom. Trust she can now fell free to say good-by knowing we all love her dearly.
Your kid's PaPa

Anonymous said...

Your PaPa not the worlds best speller. Feel not fell

Tez said...

silly, I wouldn't know what to do WITHOUT crazy!
You are an amazing mama.
So, from your experiance, how do we manouver around the blind helicopter parents and help the students anyway?