Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lost in Translation

A couple of weeks ago I bought Spud a lace-up game at a consignment store to help with his eye-hand co-ordination.  It consists of a wooden teddy bear with a bunch of different outfits that a child can then "lace" onto the bear.  

It also contains the funniest instructions I have read in quite some time.

*A cute Teddy bear with 6 wears, including: indoor, summer, winter, raining, sporting and working suits.

*A versatile set of dressing up Teddy Bear, combinated with a lacing puzzle and dress up game.  (Combinated is my new favorite word)

*In dressing the Teddy Bear can help kids to develop hand-eye co-ordination, logical thinking sequencing and manipulative on lacing skills and puzzle game.  

*Learn more creative on making up stories by wearing different cloth in different weather and uses; as well as match the lace colors.  

*It's a very good game for parents to play with kids or play by kids themselves.

*Made by nice wood, can be lasted long time for playing and storing.

It's a good thing I didn't buy the game to help Spud with his English.  

Whenever I am having a bad day, I pull this box out, picture the very earnest writer and his English translation dictionary and smile.

The joy can be lasted long time.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

What are wrong with them directionisms?

Sarah said...

My favorite part is "learn more creative".....he will definitely be creative if he follows their directions! :-)

Laura said...

Too Funny!!! I love it.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hysterical!!!! Did I ever tell you about part of the Tongginator's developmental report in her adoption paperwork? It said, and I quote, that "she poops and peeps normally" and that they were "insuring her best care, raising her scientifically."

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness that's hilarious!!! It reminds me of the emails I get saying I've inherited money if I would only send my social security number. :)

Heather of the EO said...

I love when my kids learn more creative.

KnittinChick said...

Hmmm... how much did you pay for it?

Janet said...

That's hilarious. Maybe they should fire that dude.

granola_granny said...

Does it not bring back the wisp of a fond memory for the some of those unique writings that came across your desk in that life before Spud and Sprout?

Char said...


So funny.

Sounds like Emma wrote it.

If only she could actually write yet.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I think I only have six wears too -- and they are all worn out. Maybe I should buy some new items and combinate them?

Recovering Sociopath said...

My favorite Engrish directions were the ones on the paper wrapping of my chopsticks: "position chopstick between fingers and thurnb."

We had a lot of fun debating the pronunciation of "thurnb," and what part of the anatomy a "thurnb" might actually be. said...

I too need to learn more creative on making up stories by wearing different cloth. Cloth! Who knew. I go combinate words now.