Saturday, October 18, 2008

Geekle Searches

Have you ever read a post where people list some of the google searches that bring people to their blogs? They are often hilarious. But I won't be doing one of those today as I do not follow my stats. I have no idea what brings people here other than being a relative. Hi Aunties!!!

But I've done or could have done some weird-o searches myself recently. So, for your reading pleasure, typical Geek Google searches.

Wasps removal from house no sting no panic
forgotten diaper odor removal from van seats 3 days worth
easy chicken burritos no onion, no peppers, no mushrooms
teaching child to stop touching "it" without making big deal
remove snot walls no peeling paint
Jesse tree ornament directions no stitching look classy 30 minutes or less
remove urine stains hardwood
separation anxiety in your pre-schooler making it stop
keep hair out of face no headband
talking to your child about mean adults no scaring child keep respect for nice adults
forget salt in bread how to restore taste
Cutting your own bangs stylishly
uses for saltless breadcrumbs
easy margaritas


JCK said...

Brilliant! Loved this idea. Title was great, too. ;)

Heather of the EO said...

You are ridiculously funny.

Janet said...

I SHUDDER to think what would come up with me....