Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I did on my blogcation

Because you are all dying to know how I used my extra time, this is just a sampling of the fun I had over the past week.

1. Baked several batches of buns and bread.

2. Fed my kids cooked lunch that didn't come from a blue box.

3. Cleaned urine out of my carpet, off my hardwood, out of stuffed animals and off of the top of the toilet tank. Potty training is SUCH FUN! I wish I had EVEN MORE KIDS so I could do this AGAIN and AGAIN.

4. Bought a dress. (more later)

5. Went to a movie. Eagle Eye. So Good. Go. Well, finish this first, then go.

6. Cordapalloza. What is Cordapaollza? Well, it's when you tackle this.

I so wish I was kidding. The box on the right is a Costco-sized diaper box.  And that is not all of them.  Yes my friends, that is how a "big picture" person packs his office. I want to apologize to all my OCD readers for not warning you first. I promise that I will post an after picture right after Way Cooler finishes playing "name that cord" so you can sleep at night.  

7. Finally finished the filing cabinet.

8. Read Fox in Socks till my tongue fell out.

9. Got ahead in my Beth Moore Bible study.

10. Missed y'all.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I really need distraction this week. Must. See. Dress. (I want pictures.)

Dawn and Dale said...

I missed you too!!!!

Char and I went to see Eagle Eye! We loved it! We joke that we went to PG to see "Women" (Wasn't playing when we go there...) paid to see "Burn after reading" but ended up seeing "Eagle Eye" instead!! lol

Neither one of us had seen any previews or pictures for Eagle Eye till we walked past the theater that was playing that movie while we were on our way to our theater. We both thought the picture looked very cool so we went and asked the ticket guy if we could hop theaters to watch that instead! He said no problem! We loved the movie! Kept us on the edge of our seats and wide awake for the two hour drive home that night!! lol

Char said...

Hey love!! A dress??? Wow!! Do we get to see you in it? Is it even for you? (does that sound suspicious?? Teehee) Perhaps this is a trick and you bought a dress for someone else??

Love ya

Heather of the EO said...

Beth Moore rocks the Bible Study party.

You know, I need to do that with my boxes of cords (chords?) whatever...too. I saw this is a magazine: hang shoe organizer over door (you know the kind that hangs over the whole back of a door) Put cords in each slow with a note pinned to each space saying what the cord is for.

Why can't I rememeber how to spell it. I have to go click show original post so I can look...

OKAY CORD. Sheesh, what is WRONG with me? I need more sleep..

Heather of the EO said...

oh my. I just re-read my comment. I misspelled everything so who cares how to spell cord anyway? SLOT, not SLOW

and NOT IS a magazine, but IN a magazine.

Am I drunk?

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Since you're anxious to potty train, I'll send Crazy #3 to you in a year and a half. Oh wait, were you being sarcastic? Who, you? Sarcastic? (See, I can do it too!)

I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep after seeing those boxes of cords. You should have sent them up to me and I would have done it for you.

I have and love the door shoe hanger that Heather suggests. (We must read the same magazine!) It makes my organizing heart so happy.

Knittinchick said...

Hmmm... Cordapolozza... didn't know that you were a Simpsons fan... but HG, you always surprise and have fun observations for the rest of us.

Janet said...

My husband has a box of cords like that. Sigh. It has sat in the storage room for YEARS without being touched. But he's still "using" it.