Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear Way Cooler,

Just wanted to drop you a note this week.  I know it is a big week for you in your new career and I wanted to let you know, before things get even nuttier around here how proud of you I am.

There are not many guys  I know with the guts to look at where they are in life and decide they really need to shake things up.  You did.  You saw that your career wasn't all you thought it would be and it was boring the pants off of you.  So instead of complaining you got thinking, researching and planning.

And now you are living a dream that you once thought was permanently shelved.

Not only were you brave enough to make a HUGE midlife shift, we were always at the forefront of your thinking.  You  wanted to provide for the boys and I.  I felt quite secure throughout this whole process.  You've always ben the perfect provider for your family.  For that I am utterly grateful.

These past few months have stretched and challenged you in multiple ways.  You made it through every hurdle.  Not that I would expect any less from you.  You've provided a great model for our boys as they grow up and face difficulties and I hope they grow to face their challenges with the same determination that you tackled this.

I am so very proud of you.

Love ya,

That Geek.


momofthecrazies said...

Hey Geek, I'm proud of you for handling this change in your lives too!

Have a great day today WC & HG. Enjoy your accomplishments!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

a beautifully written love letter from a practical gal

Janet said...

Sigh. That was nice.

Recovering Sociopath said...

This is really sweet. A good man makes a whole lot of life a whole lot more bearable. Good for him (and for you)!

Knittinchick said...

HG-you did pretty amazing yourself with this new challenge. Good on you!

WC-Enjoy eating your cake and celebrating!

Bargainista said...

Congratulations WC! i have been thinking of you this wkd. and your celebrations. Wishing you the very best in your new career!

Nice post HG, got me all teary eyed again! Congratulations to you too! It's team effort for sure. Love you!

JCK said...

So lovely of you to recognize and support your husband's leaps of faith and going after something new.

He sounds like a risk taker. And a good husband and father.