Monday, November 3, 2008


My house is full of company.

Apparently it is rude to excuse yourself to go blog.

Who knew?

So, I will leave you with these tidbits.

I really LOVE what Christine has to say about the election.  Every time someone goes off on a politician I will think of the line "I don't need a Saviour, I've  already got one."

Every time I play CandyLand with Spud I think of this post.  And I grin.

This video makes me laugh out loud.  It is definitely not child friendly but you won't be corrupted by watching it.  Just amused. (HT to Veronica)

Pictures of THE dress coming this week to a blog near you!


Anonymous said...

I heard that you looked gorgeous at the grad from a very reliable source! I am excited to see pictures of the dress!

Have a good day.


Janet said...

Looking forward to "the DRESS!" :-)

Who says it's rude to blog when company's there?.....

a Tonggu Momma said...

I loved that video when I saw it on Toddled Dredge -- glad you reposted so that I could watch it again.

And the political post... loved it! Most especially because I'm an independent, too.

Can't wait to see the DRESS!

JCK said...

Have a wonderful time with your company!

Your post challenge will be up tonight - 9pm.

Christine said...

My husband had to repeat it at Sunday night's Church Council meeting, as someone was wigging out over this election.

I think I may start carrying around a paper sack to help those who are hyperventilating.

CC said...

I so love what Christine has to say about the election!

And rude to blog with company? Huh?