Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanks, I Think

Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada. For my American readers, there are a few differences between the two holidays. Here are the observations of a geek whose lived on both sides of the border.

1. It's colder here, thus harvest ends earlier, so we are thankful earlier. At least that's the official explanation. I think the real reason is that we get being thankful out of the way before winter hits and we turn into a nation of whiners.

2. It's not quite the same extended celebration. It is a more low key holiday than it's American counterpart.

3. No good sales the day after. Oh Black Friday, how I miss you.

4. No pilgrims.

Other than that, pretty much the same. Including numerous pre-school projects involving turkeys and children dictating what they are thankful for. When I went to pick up Spud's artwork I noticed a group of moms gathered around the various turkeys and they were snickering a bit. Most of the lists were pretty sweet. Kids were thankful for family, friends, food, pets etc. Then I looked at Spud's turkey and I began to understand the snickers.

Spud is thankful for:
1. Larry Boy
2. Movies
3. Cowie.

Cowie? What the heck is a cowie? So I asked Spud.

Turns out Cowie a small stuffed cow he got in a Happy Meal once.

So Spud, let me get this straight. I threw up for nine months straight while carrying a nine lb breech baby, have a four inch scar for the rest of my life, spent four months calming a colicky baby, changed 6000 diapers or so and gave up sleep for the first year of your life and you are thankful for a 14 cent toy given to you by a soul-less corporation in order to further hook you on it's trans-fat laden crack?

Alrighty then.

So I tried another tactic,

"Spud, I'm thankful for you."

"OK Mommy. Can I watch a movie now?"

Happy Thanksgiving to me.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

This totally made me laugh. And for that, I give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Turkey Day, where your son deviated from the norm and acted like a total turkey!

Heather of the EO said...

Yes Happy Thanksgiving.
And you're hilarious. Be thankful for that. :)

Bargainista said...

What a hoot HG! Glad you still have your sense of humor intact, and good job you don't take it personally, i think!
Spud is a great kid and his heartwarming thanks will come to you when his teacher is not motivating it on a turkey cut out.

Janet said...

I am thankful for honest sons who bring us down a notch....LOL!

JCK said...

Happy Thanksgiving, HG! That Spud is too cute. Very good taste in animals. Even if cheap.

Tez said...

HAHA! I hear you, friend. I have said "thank you" and "I'm SO sorry" to my mom, MANY times since I had kids LOL!
Happy turkey Day, I'm thankful that people like you give me a giggle and a pause. You rock!

Char said...

I'll have you know that Cowie actually cost you two dollars. I know this because I have to buy four of them, thus spending 8 dollars on useless junk every time we go to Mickey D's. Maybe when Seth goes to preschool, I'll be rewarded if that is his favorite object!! Lol!!

P.S. you crack me up lady!!