Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thud, Thud

I'm sure some of my American readers are wondering what that thudding sound is coming from up North.

Don't be alarmed.  That is just the sound of 30 million Canadians collectively thudding their heads against the wall at the realization that we have just elected ANOTHER minority government.

Yee haw.  This means that very few meaningful laws will be passed while this government is sitting and BEST OF ALL, we most likely get vote yet again in less than three years or so.  It could be ten months, it could be four years.  It's the beauty of minority governments, one just never knows.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find a wall.


Lady Why said...

Minority government? I must admit, I know absolutely nothing about Canadian government, but everything is looking better than the debacle going on in the good ol' US of A.

I feel your pain on the 'thud, thud' thing. I'm 'thud, thudding' away at our measley candidate choices. It's the Liberal vs. the Socialist. Where are the conservatives, I ask you?!! But, you don't want to be burdened with hearing about our brand of American crazy, I'm sure.

So, really. How cold is Canada? I might be conisdering a move once a new administration takes over. It's not looking good for us Americans!

Janet said...

THUD THUD. That's me, thudding right along with you....

granola_granny said...

I might not mind a second minority as much if more of the population showed up to select it. I'm 'thudding' with the wall bangers too.