Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Body

On Sunday I skipped church. It was 752below 30 below with a 40 below windchill and Way Cooler wanted us to stay hunkered down. This is one of those times when submission is pretty easy. (For those of you panicking about the temperature, remember I'm a metric chick and too lazy to convert it for you today.)

So instead I baked bread, made granola, put together obstacle courses for the boys ( a sneaky way to get Spud's physical therapy done) and played waaay too many games of memory.

But I thought about church. Deep thoughts. Or as deep as a geek of very little brain can get.

I recently read Revolution by George Barna. It was a thin little book, both in size and content and in it he asserts that "revolutionaries" are not necessarily going to go to church. They are too busy living for God to waste time in a traditional church.


Are we reading the same Bible George?

I don't know about him, but I NEED the body. I need the deep teaching that comes from a man who dedicates himself to hearing from God and studying His word. I need the fellowship of believers who know me well and love me anyway. I need to serve others, both those who know Christ and those I have to share Him with. I need to prayfully tap into God's power that will enable me to love the prickly, the hypocrites and the hyper-needy. I need to remember that it isn't about me.

I do understand where Barna is coming from. Sort of. There are many churches out there where ritual has replaced relevance and many who fill pews today could hardly be described as revolutionary. However, North America is filled with churches. Filled. There are still MANY places where God is glorified and true community is lived out.

I read a blog recently where the writer was chronicling her family's quest for a church. They had been to over 80 and still hadn't found the right one. Quite honestly, if someone cannot find one church out of 80 where they can worship and fellowship together than the problem may not be with the churches. It might be them.

As for me, I will continue to attend the imperfect community of believers I call my home church. I need it too much to stop.

Unless of course the windchill is such that skin freezes in less than a minute and then it will be me and Robert Schuller. ( Don't judge me, I love the music.) But come Spring, I will be back.


Debbie said...

Great post. I need the church too. Oh sure, I get peeved about things. And how could you not find one in 80?

CC said...

Um, yeah, if you can't find good fellowship after 80, then maybe the problem is YOU and not THEM. Hmmmmm.

a Tonggu Momma said...

80?!?!?!! Amen.

Knittinchick said...


Deep thoughts for the cold... cabin fever can mess with you, right?

No such thing as the perfect church... I need to be around those that love and support me in following Jesus... both within the walls on the weekends and then throughout the week as I live it out.

The church should be found listening to encouragement through the teaching on the weekend and then living it out every day. Obviously not perfectly lived out in any of us:-)

granola_granny said...

Great post! Appreicate your deep thoughts. I love my church of imperfect but supportive souls. Serving can become ritual too, unless nurtured with spiritual food and the community of other Christ followers.

Bargainista said...

My husband was suppose to speak at a country church Sunday morning. At 8:30am he rec'd a phone call that they had cancelled church. It was Too cold. But, the Sunday School Christmas concert in the afternoon was still on.
Just goes to show you that children can still melt the hearts of adults, even if the temperature remains at a -40 degrees.