Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Democracy Shmocracy

Whoo hoo.

Christmas must have come early this year in Parliament because it's not been two months since the election and we get the gift of a new government.

The nerd, the used car salesman and a guy whose only purpose in being in the government of our country is to get out of our country will now be calling the shots.  Together.

Gotta love democracy.

Oh yeah, this isn't democracy.  We didn't elect these dudes.  They must have missed the memo but they LOST THE ELECTION.

The best part about the new grand pooh-bah?  His own party can't stand him.  They are replacing him in May.  So then, the Prime Minister will be some dude that none of us were counting on when we voted in the first place. 

Apparently Larry, Moe and Curly don't realize that when the world is in an economic crisis it's best for countries to appear solid and stable.  Organizing a polite coup may not be the best way to inspire confidence in our economy.  Not that coalition governments aren't known for their rock-solid stability.   

The other alternative to this mess is for the unelected Governor General to dissolve parliament and call another election.  

So we could vote in another minority government.

I think I'd prefer a lump of coal.


Lady Why said...

I commiserate with you and I, too, prefer a lump of coal to the 'Stooges' running the show here. (and that goes for all of them, not just our new 'Grand Pooh-Bah'

momofthecrazies said...

I'm not nearly the political geek that you are, but this whole coalition thing makes me sick. It disgusts me that these 3 parties (who normally can't agree on a thing) are so willing to jump into bed together.

Anonymous said...

I agree with momofthecrazies about jumping into bed together, but you know what. We are going to get done and not even kissed or given a smoke.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Wait - you mean Obama isn't your president-elect, too? You mean you have a different government in Canada? Really? Oh.

You realize I'm kidding here, right? And - as an American - I must say that I understand your pain. I really do.

We live just outside of DC, home to Marion Barry, the crack addict who was caught with his pants down in a no-tell motel with a woman of the evening. He's no longer the mayor, but he's still an elected official. Isn't that amazing?

Debbie said...

Ah, politics. What a lovely thing. Screwed up the world over.

Recovering Sociopath said...

I am trying to imagine what a "coalition government" would look like translated into US politics. Can't do it.

At any rate, my sympathies. Having the nabobs undermine the will of the people is SO irritating.

Janet said...

I would rather have a lump of coal too. I can not believe what is happening! What on earth?

Knittinchick said...

The good thing is that I heard one leader quoted on the radio talking about how he is going to get the economy in check.

Hello!?! Have you checked the stats? The 2000 election cost the taxpayers $200.6 Billion dollars... I have a great idea. Why not give it to people who are doing good such as the non-profit sector and allow them to come up with really decent ideas.

$200.6 Billion dollars! That's a lot of trips to Dollarama.

Anonymous said...

I was certainly feeling undermined too, wrote my letters of disgust to all the appropriate leaders, signed up for the various anti coalition Fbook groups and planned on attending local rally.... and now the GG has agreed to prorogue. Well, I am glad, and hope everyone can learn to play nice in their end of the sand box. OR, even get along in the middle somewhere. What a thought!

Trina said...

Didnt mena that to be anon...just button happy....
Trina in Calgary

Char said...

I think perhaps if they had another vote, people would get off thier a**'s (sorry, I am angry), and actually vote in a majority gov't. Imagine!


Tez said...

well, I'll disagree, in essence, we DID elect them, by the very act of electing a minority government, we elected them.