Friday, December 5, 2008

A bit of Reprieve

Jennifer at Conversion Diary has this neat Friday thing where you do 7 quick takes.  Because we all need a break from my political rantings here goes:
Eggnog lattes contain coffee.  I did not know that.  What a horrid way to ruin perfectly good eggnog.  I honestly thought I was ordering steamed eggnog, just like my chai tea lattes which are sludge coffee free.  I think I'll just stick to the salted caramel hot chocolate from now on.

After several interesting conversations with Spud and his teacher I went to observe Spud in action at pre-school last Friday.  Action might be over-stating it.  All the other little kids were happily playing, building and what-not and my child was over by himself spinning on the carpet.  He can do that at home for free.  So that is what will happen.  We have made the decision in conjunction with his OT, PT and SLP that I will do some stuff at home, he will continue therapy but his pre-school days are done at the end of the month.

Parliament is prorogued.   After this week I totally take back everything I have ever said about Canadian politics being boring.  For my American friends who are utterly confused by this, here is an excellent article that explains the whole sordid mess. 

I am still unable to fix my feedburner mess.  Bleh.

Last night I helped set up for our Ladies Morning Out craft fair.  I carefully assembled all the pretty gift boxes the designer was using as part of her centre pieces, placed them out, put extra lids on them after she decided they needed something else and then brought them all back from all the tables and disassembled them when she decided she didn't like that way they looked.  I will NEVER EVER understand perfectionists.  EVER.

We went to Way Cooler's staff Christmas Party on Sunday night.  This was our first one since the career shift.  It was quite a bit more fun than some of his previous staff parties.  Not that conservative theologians don't know how to party, I am certain they do, just not the ones Way Cooler worked with.  At all.

I am loving doing the Jesse tree with the boys.  They may not be getting much out of it but it certainly is deepening my appreciation and understanding of how Jesus' birth is a culmination of so many events and prophecies that took place so much earlier in history.


Debbie said...

I think that feedburner thing would drive me absolutely insane. And I have to tell you, I would get here to comment daily if they would fix that crazy thing. Is your government in charge of it, by any chance:)

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm not having any trouble with Google reader... As to the little one, I know y'alls decision will help him in the long run. How are you feeling about it?

Knittinchick said...

Last night was my work Christmas party... way funner than a group of faith based professionals.

My word... laughter, telling stories, people mingling. Fun, fun, fun.

CC said...

Thank you thank you for observing your son in school. Thank you. I cannot tell you how many parents we try to talk to about things going on in school just don't come into the classroom to observe and so they really don't understand.

Janet said...

I've heard about "those" staff parties. They get pretty wild around these parts too....from what I'd think THOSE kind of guys wouldn't be as wild...but alas, it is not to be. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am utterly addicted to Chai Tea Lattes!...and can't stand coffee or anything coffee-flavored, so, I totally get your point!

Also, NOW, (thanks to your link) have sort of a grasp of what is going on up there in Canadian politics right now! I have read it referenced on a number of blogs, but was totally in the dark until I read your blog and followed the helpful link! Thanks!!!

Since this if my first visit to your blog, I'm not familiar with the situation with your son and school...however, with what little I did read in this post about it, I can totally identify. My son has special needs and, honestly, I often wind up feeling like school isn't much more than glorified babysitting. It is frustrating when the system just "writes" your kid off and quits trying to propel them forward academically...quits feeling any pressure/accountability to make sure they MASTER the basic skills. I think our current school is comfortable with leaving the bar way too low for our son.

JCK said...

I had an eggnog latte yesterday. It was AWFUL. I hate those syrups they put in the drinks. Yuck!

I didn't know about Spud and the OT and all. I'm so behind.

I get that your Canadian politics are competing with our hi jinks over the last few months...

Hope you are doing well!

granola_granny said...

Perfectionism should be an individual sport if you want to keep your friends.