Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not so Calm, Not Very Bright.

I have posted before about how being educated does not necessarily make you smart. We proved it again on Christmas Eve. We took two toddlers who have been cooped up for several weeks, giddy with the prospect of Christmas to a Solemn Christmas Eve service. Right around supper time.

I was aware that there were carols and the mandatory solo of Mary singing "Breath of Heaven" but beyond that, all I was aware of were two squirmy bundles of energy.

At one point Sprout was attempting to climb me, while Spud had his head on my lap. Sprout stepped on Spud, words were exchanged, I may have hissed something threatening, then Sprout coloured for 2.7 seconds then decided to climb on his dad, meanwhile Spud told me he was cold, then tired and then he wanted a snack and started to cry.

This was all in the first 5 minutes or so. It went down hill from there.

We were fully ready to welcome Jesus at that point. Preferably in the second coming. Right at that moment. I am certain the thought was fervently echoed by those around us.

Next year we will welcome the King in the quiet of our own home.

We may not be all that bright, but we are learning.


momofthecrazies said...

LOVE the title of the post.

Dawn and Dale said...

Isn't it great though that HE understands completely what life with little ones is like and doesn't hold it against us???!!! lol

He only cares if we try I think!! Charla was similar on Christmas Eve as well!!! I missed so much!!! I realized 10 mins before the service was over that there was childcare downstairs!! lol Oh well!!

Laura said...

Hey there Geeky!

I'm wanting to find that you tube clip you had on here a while ago - about the $$$ spent on Christmas and the cost of fresh water...ya know the one? What's it called? Why can't I see past posts on your blog? Am I a technical throwback?

granola_granny said...

I can so relate to the 'not calm or bright'. We took three boys to Christmas Eve service who had had the benefit of exercise in an indoor pool in the afternoon. We fed snacks and cajoled to keep relative calm in our row. However, I noticed my daughter rubbing her nephew's back and hissed at her "Don't let him fall asleep, there's only a few minutes left to go". She promptly pointed at the child I was holding who was sleeping so soundly he was positively drooling.
Happy New Year HG! I look forward to your thoughts and insights in 09.

Janet said...

Oops. ;-)

gramgram said...

Well I can relate to the not so calm. We just put our 1 & 3 year old grandsons on the plane this morning. It was so much fun watching them and what Christmas was for them, but one thing for sure it was very bright, that is for us.

Alberto Manuel said...
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Knittinchick said...

What a Catch 22... parents don't exactly experience 'serenity' in a Christmas Eve service and others don't want to spend Christmas Eve in a room full of 20 2-3 year olds who are rather 'excited' about Christmas.

Your experience is probably more like what the first Christmas was like... rather than the romanticized version that we have in our brains.

Heather of the EO said...

I learned this lesson well this year too. Yikes. You're too funny.