Monday, January 12, 2009


Dear Sprout,

Today you teased your brother with a relentless passion, hid your celery behind your chair and threw a car leaving a nick in the drywall. You slammed your little hands into that same wall when you were told to go to your room for car-throwing.  You refused to nap, peed on your bed (twice) and cried because your brother got served his yogurt before you.

You took 45 minutes to eat your dinner because you were too busy singing and blowing bubbles in your milk (and serving yet another time out for the bubble incident) and you drew on the table cloth instead of your paper during colouring.

You took over an hour to fall asleep tonight because there were just too many songs to sing.

I went in to check you and this is what I found.

All is forgiven. You are more joy than I even know what to do with. Because seeing this reminds that today you hugged me when I stubbed my toe, laughed till you fell over at a dumb joke I told, played whatever game your brother told you to, sang a song about loving your dad that you made up and grinned at me with a smile that could melt a glacier.

In two short months you will turn three. I'm really gonna miss two.

I love you more every day,



a Tonggu Momma said...

Hey there, Geek. Wonderful post. And it reminds me so much of the Tongginator's two-year-old home movie the husband made. She is absolutely adorable in it... but it took a lot to see those moments. She was A TONGGINATOR when she was two. Oh. My. Lands. But she was also stinking cute. I just wish I had seen it then as you are seeing it now with Sprout. Thanks for living it. And I'll do better this next go around.

Heather of the EO said...

That was such a great post. Little fireball ya got there. I'm sure she'll TOTALLY calm down as a three year old. Or not...

Either way, she'll still be melting glaciers and that's all that matters.

happygeek said...

Sprout is a boy.
Please do not let the PINK bunny throw you off.
It used to be mine.

Char said...

Awww, you seriously have me tearing up. My wee Seth is just beginning the 2's (early, he doesn't turn 2 until April). He is inserting apples and polly pocket clothes into the VCR, I don't know what he puts in the toilet, and takes everything out of the garbage can. I can't leave him for a moment without chaos ensuing. But you're so right. He makes my heart delight! I love you!

Bargainista said...

i had to call my husband and read him your post. i teared up, and he had a huge smile from ear to ear.
You are a wonderful mom, HG!

Janet said...

Yeah, they fool you when they're asleep, don't they. And then it's all chaos and mayhem again. :-)

Dawn said...

But you're so right, you will miss those crazy days. When they're 8 silly jokes just aren't the same and their upsets are more complicated than not being served yogurt first. Sigh. Every stage has it's bitter sweetness.

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Awww, that was sweet. I am sitting here brain dead at the computer after putting all of my little ones to bed. My two year old little boy is exhausting! Reading your post makes me want to go give him one last hug!!