Friday, January 9, 2009

Tales from the OCD Files.

You know, its been a month or two since I've picked on my sister for the world wide web to see. I must change this situation immediately.
My sister has OCD issues. This picture is probably sending her into cardiac arrest as we speak.

Why? None of the plates, cups or bowls are in rainbow order and if you look closely, the flower plates are mixed up with the rectangular plates. For sis, that's the stuff that nightmares are made of.

I know what you are thinking. "Come on Geekie, surely you exaggerate." Sadly, no, I don't. Recently my sister was telling me that she had to call a family meeting. The reason? A sock and a plastic bowl were missing. Everyone had to stop what they were doing and look for it.


If that's all I have missing at any given time I take out announcement in the local paper to celebrate the achievement.

They did find the sock and bowl and people were allowed to eat and sleep once again. Order was restored. Until next time I visit. I'm taking a cup with me.

I love to lived on the edge.

Since I love to live on the edge, I have also messed with my feed.  If you have been having trouble subscribing, try again.  If you are still having trouble, here is my new feedburner address.  


Colleen said...

LOL I came across your blog through a few I visit...Oh man are you funny!!!! I love this post! I know a few with OCD. I think I need a little more OCD to stay organized!
Come visit us at "The nuthouse"

Knittinchick said...

At first glance, I thought you were proud of that stacking... I guess I didn't look close enough.

Hmm... good luck with staying organized.

Janet said...

Oh dear. Your poor sister. I would TOTALLY do things to freak her out. I'm mean that way.

momofthecrazies said...

So you're saying it's weird to have a knot in your stomach while folding laundry until you see that all socks are present and accounted for?

By the way, all your cups and mugs are upside down. Just thought you should know.

momofthecrazies said...

Actually I don't mean that they're upside down, I mean that they're the wrong way up for living in a cupboard. I'll get you organized yet!

CC said...

Bwhahaha! I thought you were showing off your sister's cabinet and how all the same type of plates and bowls went together. I didn't realize you were showing your own and what she would cringe at! Ha!!!!! Don't let her come to my home!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hysterical! You know... one thing my family loves to do is jigsaw puzzles. What's really fun about them is when someone (not mentioning any names) hides a piece somewhere in the house, but tells no one. Then she sits back and watches the chaos ensue once the family completes the puzzle. Well... ALMOST completes it.

Dawn said...

I used to be like that, then we had kids. Three of them. Now our dishes live in the sink or dishwasher. They visit the cupboards, their rightful home, only on occasion. I Enjoyed your posts and will return!

Heather of the EO said...

Yup, off the charts OCD. My OCD is related more to keeping disorder. If you take a look in my cupboards you'll see that I MUST have them messy or I just can't function :)

granola_granny said...

There is something to be said for the satisfaction of having ALL the rings in ascending order on the Fisher Price stacking ring, or all the books in a boxed set. Momofcrazies I identify with you. I like things in the right drawer, but once you look inside.... 'random scattered' reigns.

kathleen said...

just wanted to add that i love the coloring page on the wall . . . :)