Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Apparently He Doesn't Just Bring Presents

Overheard in a public washroom not too long ago.

Spud: When we go home I get to see my father.

For some reason he has been fascinated with the word father but doesn't really equate it with Way Cooler.  No amount of persuasion is able to change this.

HG:  Who is your father?

Spud (annoyed): Mommy I know daddy is my father but I have another Father and he is in my room waiting for me.

Because I cannot leave well enough alone I decided to probe further.

HG:  What does he look like?

Spud: he has a beard like Poppa.

HG:  Is he old or young?  

Spud:  He's old.  But not as old as you.  (Serves me right for probing.  But yet I continued.)

HG:  What's his name?

Spud:  Santa.  My father is Santa.

Apparently this mommy doesn't just stop at kissing.


a Tonggu Momma said...


Umm... does that make him an elf?

Knittinchick said...

hah hah hah. I love it! Children have the innate sense of how to totally humiliate their parents!

Janet said...

Hmmm....does Way Cooler know his son is actually someone else's? ;-)

Dawn said...

I can see how with this winters deep freeze that he could very well think he lives at the north pole and that Santa is indeed his father. Tee hee hee