Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Blessings

My Birthday was Thursday.  As I mentioned before I am a big birthday lover.  So I'd thought I'd share with you some of the blessing that I noticed this birthday.

* I woke up before the boys and was able to spend some time in prayer and Bible study before I got them up.  This alone gets my day started off right.

*The boys ate breakfast in less than 35 minutes.  Which is not just a blessing, it is a minor miracle.  They generally view breakfast as a marathon.  Actually most marathons are run in less time than it takes them to eat 3-5 bowls of cereal and drink endless cups of water.

* They played together for 30 minutes while I got dressed and did not squabble once.  This miracle ranks right up there with water into wine.

* Free Tazo tea at my Morning Bible study.  I can almost understand why Starbucks charges so much for it.  All that yummy and calorie free too.  

* I had to drive West.  It was cloudless.   The snow-capped Rockies were almost breathtaking in their splendor.  I grew up in their shadow and am still overwhelmed by their majesty every single time I see them.  It just doesn't get old.

* Dairy Queen's new 4 items for 6 dollar menu.  Nothing says Happy Birthday quite like cheap onion rings.  I sincerely hope there are deep-fryers in heaven.

* When Sprout launched two full out tantrums in the DQ the senior-type ladies sitting next to us shot me sympathetic smiles instead of the glaring condemnation I often get.  The sympathy is like cold water on a hot day.

* For some reason giving a child a spanking in the DQ washroom caused me a fit of giggles.  Maybe because I realized the whole "this hurts me more than it hurts you" thing is a total crock.  It doesn't really bother me at all.  Please don't call social services.  Please.

* We had Bible study on Wednesday night so the house was as clean as it gets in a week and we ate lunch out which preserved the state of cleanliness for another hour or so.

* There's something restorative about short spanking and a long nap.  Sprout was a new man in the afternoon.  A fun, chatty and gregarious little man.

*Way Cooler took Spud to swimming.  Oh Happy Day.   So, Sprout and I went for a long walk in the 12C degree sunshine.  

It was so nice out I nearly did a  backflip.  But I refrained.  Because a visit the emergency room was not high on my birthday to-do list.

*A frosty drink at Starbucks with my favorite three year old. I paid for it with a gift card (so cool) and then read the paper while he explored the basket of broken and beat up toys.   I can't quite tell who had more fun.

*  On Friday the boys got to go to camp Poppa and mommy and daddy had a 24 hour date.  Complete with many gift cards.  It just doesn't get better than that.  Oh wait, yes it did.  I picked up a Tims after dropping off the boys and broke my 5 year losing spell at RUTR.  I got me a free coffee.  

See why I love my birthday?



Knittinchick said...

Oh my... that would keep me going for a month... all in a short 24 hour period! You deserve it!

I'm so glad the ladies gave you sympathy instead of condemnation My favorite thing to say to a mom with a child in the throes of 'personality expression' is... How glamorous is your life right now? Usually rewarded by a look of deep gratitude.

Have a great week.

Aunt LoLo said...

Alright...I'm here. Tonggu Momma (Mama? I always get that wrong)....
TM! TM has been raving about you, and I always forget to click over.

Consider me a reader now. ;-) And your list? Nothing short of MIRACULOUS!

a Tonggu Momma said...

As for your activities in the DQ washroom... I would call CPS, but then they'd be reminded of my very existence. Which might be a bad thing. Hee hee.

Happy, happy birthday, baby (sung in my best Marilyn Monroe voice).

Bargainista said...

Wish that we all could see the blessing that punctuate our day(s) and weeks.
Birthday blessings sent your way for all year long.

Janet said...

Sounds lovely! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Congrats on the free tea, the free coffee, the free beautiful day. :-)

CC said...

Yah hoo!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like it was a birthday of blessings!!!!!!! Hope the whole year is that way :) :)

Tez said...

You are one of a kind.
Happy belated birthday.
I would so love a coffee with ya!
Thanks for the reminder to look at the blessings straight in the face and be thankful

JCK said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday!