Friday, April 3, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1.  I attempted to night train both boys last week.  That's a Lot.Of.Laundry.  Oh my stars.  Spud is now doing quite well, and has been dry most nights.  Sprout was quite delighted with a legitimate reason to come out of his room 18 times in one hour and managed to squeeze out 2 or three drops each time.   And yet he still wet the bed every night. For the sake of my sanity, his night-training has been suspended at this time. 

2.  Did you know that 40 days is a very long time to go without pop?  A VERY LONG TIME.

3.  Spud starts soccer in three weeks.  His soccer field has a hill on one end of it.  People were still tobogganing on it TODAY.  I'm not holding out a lot of hope for soccer. Winter may never end.  Never.

4.  I put a few items on Kijii last week.  I had a lady interested in one item.  She asked me a bunch of questions in 9 different e-mails which I looked up the answers for and promptly answered.  She FINALLY made arrangements to come get the item which was very reasonably priced.  In her last e-mail she asked if I was willing to bargain and gave me a much reduced price.  I told  her the price was firm and she then changed her mind.  GRRRRRRR. I really, really hate selling used stuff.  Be it kijiji, ebay, or a garage sale, I hate it all.  

5.  I tried baking pitas last week.  My thought was "how hard can it be?" If you like half-risen, paper thin, overly crispy pitas that take 5 minutes each to roll out, it's not hard at all.  If you prefer pitas that are actually edible, my advice is to stick with the store bought ones.

6.  The posting has been rather thin over here for the last little while.  I've been dealing with headaches pretty much every day for two months now.  They are just headaches, something I've dealt with all my life, but the sheer volume of them has knocked the creativity right out of me.  I start physiotherapy next week and hope to be right as rain and boring the pants off of you on a regularly scheduled basis in no time.

7.  It just wouldn't be 7 quick takes without a little veggie action.  I fully blame this song for the rash of recent headaches.

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Char said...

Oh honey hang in there, I'll pray for those headaches to go away!! Love you!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hang in there - not just with the headaches, but the laundry, too! Maybe it's the urine fumes causing them all! (Which is a joke, BTW - I know this is serious and pray you feel better soon.)

CC said...

Training 2 at the same time???? Aaaaaack!!

Janet said...

Sorry to hear about your headaches. You need more chocolate, it's clear.

As for the nighttime training, I am ALL sympathy.

granola_granny said...

I'm with Janet, you definitely need more good quality chocolate, if not for the headaches to reward yourself for all the extra laundry. Will pray that physio greatly improves your head.

Heather of the EO said...

I have a three year old going on four come June. And I'm all
"What's night training?" :)

Sorry about your head. That just plain stinks. I recommend a babysitter, a valium, and a nap.

Lady Why said...

Sorry to hear about your headaches. I have a 'headache prone' son and it's NOT fun when he gets into a 'headache pattern'.

I'll be praying for a quick and easy solution for you!

Rae said...

I am sorry about the headaches. :-(

40 days always seems like such a long time. But it is almost over! Hard to believe that Easter Vigil is a week from tonight!

And that is too bad about the pitas. I've been thinking of making some. Now I'm a bit wary!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

These were fun to read -- thanks for participating! And so sorry to hear about the headaches...ugh! At least you'll get your pop back in a few days. :)

Queen B said...

So sorry about the headaches...that is so frustrating.
Maybe the fact that you won my Amazon gift certificate will help you to feel better!!!

Email me and we'll work out the details!