Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trying Hard

I am making up a meme.  Because I am all about goals.
Please feel free to steal it.  

This week I am trying hard to:

-Not snack in the evening.  Because my definition of snack doesn't involve fiber or nutrients of any sort.  At all.

-Forget that I heard the following conversation at my kids' swimming lesson 
Lifeguard to parent "Sir, the next time your son has to go to the bathroom, please take him to the toilet, don't just have him pee in the shower."  She may or may not have muttered something about using common sense after telling him this.  I'm not exactly sure, I was too busy shuddering.

-Buy watershoes for the boys before the next swim lesson.

-Pray for Patrice.

- Teach Spud how to button.  I keep putting it off and off and off, but it's supposed to snow this week, might as well jump into the fire and just do it.  

- Not complain about the weather.  Did I mention the snow?  In May?  Not complaining, just mentioning.

-  work on memorizing Psalm 139.  

- Play Hi Ho Cherry-O without cheating.  I don't care if  I win, I just try to move the game along a teensy bit faster, so sometimes the spinner may get a gentle nudge off of the space that requires the emptying of the baskets.  If you have ever played this innovative form of mother torture game, you will TOTALLY understand.

- Not mock out really conservative people.  At least not to their faces.

How about you?  What'cha trying hard to do this week?


momofthecrazies said...

What? You shouldn't be encouraging your children to urinate in a public shower? (I'm right there shuddering with you!)

As for goals, I think I want to find the bottom of the mound of paperwork I have laying around. And clean out my freezers. And learn to ballet.

Good luck this week!

Knittinchick said...

OMW... urinating in the public shower... I'm glad that it isn't just the single girls that shudder over that!

I'm going to:
*survive work today with a nasty flu-ish headache
*survive golf tournament hell at work
*get the basement vacuumed and half of the baseboards final paint coated!

Good luck to you

Dawn and Dale said...

Trying hard to get well again!! :)

LOVE your blog posts!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Snow!?!?!!!! In MAY?!?!?!!!!! I'm sorry, but SNOW? IN MAY?

(Forget the peeing in the shower thing. I mean, that's gross, but you can just avoid that shower stall for awhile. But how do you avoid the snow?)

Lady Why said...

Have you been mocking me again?? :-)

And, I'm sorry but SNOW IN MAY???? Bless your poor cold heart!

Janet said...

I am going to:

Not eat popcorn for supper, like I did tonight.

Not complain about the weather. (Good one, BTW)

Not mock very liberal people. ;-)

creative-type dad said...

That lifeguard to parent conversation -- oh boy.

Playing by the Fountain said...

I'll join you on not complaining about the weather.

Sounds like you're going to have a great week!

Soliloquy said...

Kudos for not complaining about the weather.

I vividly remember one snowy May day in Denver climbing into the tub with a margarita and making up a tune to fit, "I hate this state."

Now, I miss it. Not the snow in May, but Colorado.

I'm new here. Love your sense of humor!