Sunday, May 17, 2009

Witness Challenge

Shaun Groves has posted a witness challenge based on a pastor he met in Kolkata, India who told him that "our witness is our service."

He's asked us to think about the needs of those around us, dream big and respond to the needs.  I've been thinking on this ever since I read his post about the pastor earlier this week.

In his original post he had some criticisms of the North American church and our ability to build huge buildings that sit vacant all week.  I responded that not all churches do that.  Mine included.  My church has a number of service and outreach things going all week.  But I'm not there.

I need to be.

So, in response to the Holy Spirit's prompting and Shaun's excellent question, this is the stuff I am going to do to show my Jesus to my neighbourhood.  It's not huge, radical stuff, but it is stuff that I know I should be doing, and sometimes choose not to.

1.  Our church has a huge ESL ministry.  This is a pressing need in this city of immigrants.  I have a ESL minor just collecting dust.  I'm calling the pastor of intercultural ministries this week to find out how I can help.  It'll probably be in the form of a conversation class with kids running around our ankles, but maybe a need will be met, a friendship will be formed, a Saviour glorified.

2.  That couple across the street?  He works for the same company as Way Cooler, she seems really lonely.  I'm having them over for dinner this month.

3.  Our church is doing a garage giveaway.  It's a garage sale without price tags.  People can come and take stuff home for free.  I'm planning to donate a bunch of stuff and to go help get the sale ready.

4.  When a needy friend calls, (for the 4th time today) I'm not gonna screen the call.  I'm gonna answer.  I'm gonna give her the love she is so desperately seeking.

5.  I donated blood.  Not really an act of witness, I kept the tracts in my car (so kidding) but it's just serving.  With no motive but meeting a need.  I plan to do it again in 56 days.  

This is my start.  This is not the end.  What about you?  How will you serve this week?  


dean said...

love your list! enjoyed your input at shaun's blog, too!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Love this list! As for me? Well... housing Mrs. R for a month was probably a good start. And I just found out that our pastor of student ministries works with children and families who struggle with attachment issues. That might be a good fit. I'm calling him this week.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm bringing clothes that were my boys (before they kept doing that silly growing thing) to my neighbor's that lost one of their twins to SIDS. They still have their boy, and he's growing so fast. They keep mentioning that he's flying through clothes. I've got bags of clothes sitting by the front door for them.

I'm also working on paying more attention to my husband. Sometimes I forget his needs in the midst of all the little people chaos.

Love your list. Love Shaun Groves.

granola_granny said...

Way to go Girl! Fantabulous list! I am continually haunted by the challenge, "If your church was removed would the community around it even miss it?".
I'm joining the 'One-to-One' reading program at the school across the street from our house, our church is providing manpower for two local school carnivals and we are working on a clothing give away for Sept.
.... it's a start