Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I just re-read Friday's post.  Oh my goodness.  I sound like a cranky old lady.  All that is missing is a cane, a couple of over-indulged cats and a three year supply of bread-bags all washed, folded and put away, just in case.

I'm sorry to have subjected you all to that.

So, to help restore some sort of happy to the geek, another installment of things that make me grin.

- The snow is gone.  AND my tomatoes have survived the three nights of frost as well!  Take that, bad weather!

- Way Cooler took Spud to soccer tonight.  It rained for pretty much the whole game.  I'd like to say that I felt kind of bad for him, but I'd be lying.  I was totally delighted it was him and not me.  I may not be wife of the year, but I was warm and dry.

- We are getting a fence in the next week or so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Way Cooler is finalizing things as I type this.   Sod is no longer a distant dream, it will soon be a reality.  If the weather cooperates I'll have a yard within a month.  Watch for the crazy lady dancing across a fresh lawn, coming soon to a suburb near you!  

-  Spruce Meadows is having their first tournament of the season this weekend.  A full day of family fun for 0 dollars.  Plus, most of the companies that sponsor it give stuff away as well.  We usually leave with more than we came with.  It just doesn't get much better than that!

- Spud really has the best O.T. around.  I'm no longer panicking every time I think about him entering kindergarden and she is one of the main reasons.  He has come so far, that if I get thinking about it too much I'm gonna start raining on my keyboard.

-   Bubble baths.

Happy Tuesday.


Knittinchick said...

Woo hoo! I can't believe how the little things make SUCH a difference! Spud has come SO FAR... it's almost worth throwing a party for him and the OT.

BTW, I have 'connection' with the dogs at Spruce Meadows. She'll make sure we get to pet puppies to our hearts' content. Here's hoping the swag is cool!

momofthecrazies said...

You make me smile!

granola_granny said...


a Tonggu Momma said...

Wait... you are buying grass? Isn't that illegal? Oh wait - y'all live in Canada.

Janet said...

Yeah, TM, grass is, like, totally okay here in Canada. We, like can grow it and everything. It rocks.

PS- I'll have to remember Spruce Meadows for next year. Sarah would LOVE to attend that event!

CC said...

Huzzah for the great OT!! My son just had his last day of Kindergarten today. Sniff. Sniff.