Friday, July 10, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Once again, I am playing along with Jennifer at Conversion Diary for 7 quick takes.  This is truly the perfect format for summer when I really would rather be outside in my grass than staring at a computer proofreading.

Which leads me to take number one.

1.  I am a rather careful proofreader of this blog.  Judging from my last few posts one would never know it.  It is like some of my former students have taken control of my body.  The stuff I am missing is unreal.  Random capitalization.  Misplaced homophones.  Mangled punctuation.  I have no idea how I am missing that stuff, but to all my grammatically correct readers, please accept my deepest, deepest apologies.

2.  It's Stampede this week.  Which means I torture dress my kids up to look like mini cowboys and we scour various websites for all the free pancake breakfasts and lunches we can get our hands on.  You could not pay me enough to go to the actual Stampede grounds but we do enjoy the less crowded and free stuff that happens all around town.   Yee Haw.

3.  Now that I have a yard and a garden, I am contemplating composting.  But I have some questions.  I would like to get a compost bin but Way Cooler thinks that we will have tons of bugs if we do compost.  Way Cooler also thinks that donating blood is hazardous to one's health and that half of our suburban neighbourhood has been on America's Most Wanted, so I wouldn't mind getting a second opinion.  So, all my gardening friends, what composting method do you use?  How do you keep the bugs down?

4.  Next week is going to be rather quiet around here.  Spud is going away for a whole week.  My sister's church is having a VBS and she's invited him to come up and stay with them so he can go to it with his cousins.  He cannot wait.  His brother is viewing this as one of the largest tragedies to ever befall him.  Sprout is going to be lost without someone to play with.  So, the blogging may be sparse again next week as I fill in as a replacement playmate.

5. One of the Stampede lunches we attended last week was geared towards the younger set. They had a bounce house, lots of neat crafts, freezies, and the like.  It was fantastic.  There was even live music played by the church's band.  This is where things  went a little South.  Just a note, nice musicians, if your lunch is geared towards families, then you might want to skip the songs that have mommy explaining exactly why Earl Had to Die.

6.  I LOVE summer.  Love it.  However, I understand that there are some weirdos of you who do not.  Beck explains her position in a post that still has me laughing a couple of weeks later.  

7.  Last week I had to have a ultrasound on my thyroid.  It's nothing.  Really.  I am only telling you because it perfectly illustrates what makes me smile about the Canadian Healthcare system.  Which I am a HUGE advocate of, however, it is definitely government run.  I had to wait three months and drive for 40 minutes to have a five minute procedure done.  A rather surly Russian named Nina massaged my thyroid with that wand with a vigor that had me wondering if she was personally trying to smooth out all the lumps.  Their department also does mammography.  It made me very very thankful that I still have a few years before I get mine done.  I cannot imagine Nina's bedside manner at one of those things.

Want more takes?  Head over to Conversion Diary!


This Heavenly Life said...

I have the same question about composting! I'll be checking back to see what kind of answers you might get.

Enjoy your playful week!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I've never composted, but I haven't heard that bugs are a major problem. The biggest downside I've heard is smell, since it's basically rotting.

And while I'm a fellow summer lover, I laughed at Beck's post too. It made me think it's a good thing she lives in Canada instead of in Texas.

Knittinchick said...

Composting... so committed to it and yet I haven't started yet. However a friend directed me to Lee Valley and their composter that seems like it would be the smart option to all composting challenges.,33140&ap=1

Janet said...

I am also condsidering the Lee Valley composter for next year. We had a compost bin when I was a kid. There were a few flies, but I didn't notice a lot of bugs. Of course, we lived on an acreage and our cows ATE most of the compost before it actually had a chance to rot......

a Tonggu Momma said...

At some point in the next 10 years, the Tonggu family will come to visit you (that's code for invade your house) during Stampede Week. I'm just preparing you so that you can issue us an invitation at some point (though not next summer because we hope to be in China then). Heh.

CC said...

#2 sounds awesome!!

I started a bugless compost bin 2 years ago. The good news is that there aren't a ton of bugs, just fruit flies and gnats that hang around. The bad news.... due to lack of worms the compost still isn't ready to use! After TWO YEARS!! I'm getting some worms sometime soon.