Monday, July 13, 2009

A Sunday Drive

This past week or so I have been rather peevish.  Everything and everyone has been getting on my Very.Last.Nerve.  This peevishness has morphed me into the Proverbs 21 woman.  So, today Way Cooler was off in an attic to work and I went for a drive through a warm prairie afternoon.

I rounded a bend and glanced down a valley, than I looked again.  The green was deep, pure and stretched beyond my view.  It was rich with life and much longer than the laundry list of petty complaints I had been  mentally reviewing.  

Further still a field of canola blazed against the blue, blue sky.  The sea of yellow waved in victory over the drought that had threatened it a month earlier.  

If the canola could grow without water, could I not grow even amidst the mundane that seemed to suck out the joy, leaving me parched?  He who sustains the grain, sustains me.

Beyond all this, the Rockies stood.

Massive.  Unyielding.  And ready to praise their Creator.

The One to whom I was whining.

The One who created all.  Including His ungrateful child.

The list disappeared.  The joy overflowed.

I will praise Him.




Knittinchick said...

Course redirection. Such a good thing.

Head out to that place as much as you can-it's worth the cost of gas... even if you have to listen to Veggie Tales while you get there.

Dawn and Dale said...

LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Janet said...

Really good. thanks for that.

Kelly @ Love Well said...


Melissa said...

Amazing. Amen. Thanks!

CC said...

At first, I was like "oops, she made a mistake, She means Prov 31!" Then I clicked on the link and I got it.

Wonderful turn around. And beautifully stated.

Soliloquy said...

I love how the enormity of God's creation gives us such perspective.

I miss living in Colorado. I didn't appreciate it nearly as much as I should have.

Char said...

Lovely. Isn't it nice to see it in words? Well done.

Pam D said...

Oh dear. Now I know why I keep wanting to come here. HE wanted me to come here, to read this! Isn't it cool when He lets you be His chalkboard?