Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Dear Spud,

Tomorrow you are five. Wow. It seems like five minutes ago a nine pound chunk of deliciousness was placed in my arms, and now look at you. Tall, brown and sturdy.

Four was quite the year wasn't it? New house, new city, new therapists, starting school, soccer and swimming. It was too much at once and you let us know in a spectacular fashion. SPECTACULAR. It took us a while, but we got the message. We took away pre-school and applied some loving discipline and the last eight months have been golden.  You are a delight, my boy.

Someone asked me recently what your strengths were. I smiled. There are so many. You are so imaginative. All you need for a good time is anything you can turn into a rocket. Then you are off on an "adventure". You don't know this, but sometimes I stand outside your room and just listen to you telling yourself stories. It gives this story-telling momma such joy to hear you.

You are a walking symphony. Wherever you are, there is music. Everything you do is accompanied by your own personal soundtrack. You can make up a song about anything and then you sing it with gusto. GREAT gusto.

You are tremendously kind. Your love for others and care of others has really surfaced this year. It is a tremendous asset that you will take with you into kindergarden. You give love so freely. This is something we encourage, but not something we could have ever taught you. Our prayer is that in time as you grow to know him that you will tap into the Father's love and spread that care to a world that needs it.

Spud, I know that learning doesn't come natural to you. All the things you have learned to do are a result of great effort on your part. Keep it up. While it may seem tough now, I am actually thankful that at an early age you have had to learn to work hard. This is something you will have to do later, so while it doesn't always seem fair that we are constantly asking you to do "tricky" things, please know that we are not just teaching you to ride a bike, we are teaching you perseverance and determination. Both of which are traits you will need now and thirty years from now.

We are so proud of you. You have come so far this year and we couldn't be more delighted with the boy you are. When I look at you I often feel I am looking in a mirror. Not only in appearance, but we both love to dream, are easily frustrated and eager to please others.  

From the moment I laid eyes on you I loved you. Now, five years later, I cannot even remember what life was like before you joined us and made us a family.

Happy birthday buddy,

Much love,



Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your little Spud. Great letter, mom. :-)

Knittinchick said...

Dear Spud:

I just read your Mom's birthday letter to you. Even though I only get to see you every few weeks, I know that not only your mom is SUPER duper proud of you this year.

I love how you practice your balancing skills every time we're walking somewhere and there is a curb to balance on. I can tell how much you have worked hard this year and it shows! Every time I see a curb, I think about you and pray for you.

Keep it up buddy! I think that you are Spudriffic!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I adore your kid and I haven't even met him yet. Happy Birthday, Spud!

Anonymous said...

pa pa says wow what a wonderful tribute. You both derserve the credit as you both work so hard to make spud's life easier. Thanks for sharing your heart in that letter. Thanks for the tears and lump in the throat. Love you both & HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPUD

Love PaPa

Bargainista said...

Happy Birthday to Spud! You are such an awesome little man, and are so loved by your parents.

That a great tribute and treasure!

CC said...

Happy happy birthday big guy! 5 is a great year! :)