Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post originally published November 7 2007.

Well, I found myself grumbling a lot today about the advent of winter. It's just not my favorite season. However, I have also had the indisputable privilege of listening to or being around the umpteenth showing of Madame Blueberry. As a result I have "A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart" running through my head over and over and over again. At some point I have to pay attention.

So, because I could use this whole happy heart thing, and not the grouchy mommy who appears at our house on an all-too-frequent basis I have been thinking of the top ten reasons I am thankful for winter and I will share them with you.

10. No more mosquitoes. This is especially good because Spud has this compulsive need to pick at his bites until they bleed. Over and over again. Oh, and family members, you don't need to comment and sarcastically ask where he got that from, I know I did it too, but I kinda wanted him to inherit my winning smile and my killer wit, not the weird, compulsive need to pick at anything abnormal on his skin.

9. My deck and my garage can now double as an extra freezer and fridge.

8. I no longer have to sit on the bus and wonder if that lady is wearing a bikini top or if she is just wearing her bra. And nothing else on top. On the bus. In front of my kids. But then I realize that they probably don't make purple satin bikinis with lace.

7. I no longer have to wonder what would possess someone to wear just a bra and cut-offs on the bus. In front of my kids.

6. Wintry days are perfect for cuddling up in front of a fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Unfortunately Sprout would make for the fire like a moth to a flame, knocking my hot chocolate over onto my book on his way. But winter days are still good for thinking about a fire, with a book and hot chocolate while I help my kids paint with shaving cream.

5. Snow is pretty. So are flowers, I miss flowers

4. The steady stream of unwanted door to door solicitation pretty much dries up in the winter. The only ones brave enough are the missionaries (of all faiths) and I have sympathy for them. I might even give them a cup of coffee. But it'll depend on how well this whole happy heart thing holds up.

3. Way Cooler no longer has to mow the lawn giving him more time to watch hockey play with his kids.

2. Tobogganing. Because there is nothing like careening down an icy hill on a thin piece of plastic (with no steering) in -20 degree weather to say, I'm a crazy Canadian.

1. And the number one good thing about winter, it only lasts for 4-5 months!


Nicole said...

Good morning snow!!! Holy crap is it gross out there today. I don't know why people wear what they do (#7). I just don't know. My SIL (who is 47 and extremely tanned and not exactly in great shape) wears crop tops and cut-offs ALL THE TIME from April to October. But she lives in Kelowna.

CC said...

That's a great list. I need to remember that the "rainy season" does have some good points. Like... it makes the sunny season seem that much better! ;)

Heather of the EO said...

mmmm hmmmmm...

I'll try to convince myself too.

Maybe I'll make my own list of happy wintery things that aren't all that happy :) You never know, we could end up tricking ourselves SOMEHOW.

granola_granny said...

Drove home from your neck of the woods yesterday and only saw half a dozen cars in the ditch and one jack-knifed semi blocking the road.

Your #'s 9 and 5 are my favorites. When I was under 50 it would have been the 'careening down the hill with no steering', but now I actually give thought to the poasibility of breaking a bone or two.

Have fun this winter, and take a run for me.