Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My boys are good at many things. Talking, hugging, singing and spilling. They are especially good at spilling. I must sweep after every meal and at least three times a week (on a good week) a full glass of milk is spilled at mealtimes.

This is an area where I am struggling to be patient in. You see, we have hardwood floors. Yes they are beautiful, but only when clean. And mine stay clean for 2.5 seconds once a week. I read a post recently where an amazing single gal was day dreaming about dancing on her hardwoods with her future hubby. I too dream about my hardwoods, Way Cooler and I, only we are ripping up the stupid things and replacing them with linoleum like God intended for homes with young men.

Last Tuesday I had just cleaned all morning because we host our caregroup every Tuesday night. So, at lunch both boys spilled full glasses of milk on the floor. To say I was a little upset is like saying the Mississippi is a small creek.

I was a ball of fussing, grumping resentment.

But then a voice reminded me of what I had prayed for that very morning.

A heart overflowing with thanksgiving.

Mine wasn't even beginning to drip.

So, as I cleaned the milk, I practised that which I wanted.

Thank-you that I have boys to spill this milk.

Thank-you for milk to spill.

Thank-you for more milk to refill the cups.

Thank-you for a floor to spill it on.

Thank-you for a husband who works so hard to provide milk and floors.

Thank-you for strong arms to clean this spill.

Thank-you that my boys are able to receive correction and can be trained to change the behaviours that caused the spill.

Thank-you for grace.
Grace that forgives an angry momma and allows to her to extend it to her boys so that milk is not the only thing overflowing today.



Leanne said...

You don't know me... I found your blog through our mutual friend, Tez. You are a gifted writer and this post was a perfect reminder for me today... I'm dealing with "three" too! Thank you.

Aunt LoLo said...

Fabulous, mama. Thanks.

I HAVE to tell you my new secret weapon again the dirty floor. Besides sweeping it EVERY STINKIN' DAY (I have a new self-feeding toddler, AND a none-too-tidy 3 year old) I went to my warehouse store and bought me a box of "ShamWow"s. Oh my goodness, mama - HALLELUJAH! Seriously. One large towel can pick up 20 oz. of spilled water in one go. Awesome. (I only know because I was on the phone with my sis, extolling the virtues of the new towels, when my toddler reached over and tipped my ENORMOUS glass of water onto the floor. *sigh*)

Good luck with the Thanksgiving. :-D

Nicole said...

Ah, thank you, that is great.

I second the Sham-Wow's - they really do make me say WOW every time. Now for a Slap-Chop!

I have - get this - cream coloured Berber carpet. With two boys and a dog.

granola_granny said...

Can you get Sham-Wows on the north side of the boarder? I have 3 adorable but slightly messy grandsons.

momofthecrazies said...

Good for you for seeing the glass half-full! (I know, I'm a sicko!)

Thanks for the reminder about thankfulness.

This Heavenly Life said...

This post is so inspiring! I KNOW I'd do better if I practiced this heart full of thanksgiving. Thank you!

CC said...

I'm thankful for all those things as well. BUT NOT the ants that overflow the room if I don't get to the spill fast enough! ;0