Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Hole Story

There are many great mysteries in life.

Stonehenge. Why people enjoy watching Cricket. Man's true purpose. Why little boys must wear the knees out on their pants.

I do not have the answers to the questions, but I do have a solution for one of the problems raised by these mysteries.

Sears Kidvantage.

Sears rather foolishly guarantees all their kids clothes. If a child wears it out before they outgrow it, they will replace the item for free.


It's enough to make a mom of little boys do a cartwheel at the cash register. Except that would lead to a visit from the paramedics and who has time for that?

Anyway, last year at Christmas time I bought Spud three pairs of pants from Sears. I cringed at the price as I am much more accustomed to buying things from clearance racks and second-hand stores. However, second hand pants with the knees intact for the 3-7 year old set are about as common as a keg party at a Southern Baptist Convention. And pants from clearance racks still lose their knees in about a month in this house.

So, I bought the pants, paying nearly 40 dollars for three pairs. It has been worth every last penny as we have replaced those pants 12 times in less than a year. Yep. I go pretty much once a month and they give me a new pair. Spud wore one pair less than five times before we were back getting new ones. It means that I have paid less than 2 dollars for each pair that we have worn through. And he still isn't done. I noticed last night his jeans have a day or two left in them. At best. There's a lot to be said for slow-growing children, more time to totally abuse take advantage of this money-saving program.

There are other retailers that offer this program as well. Which is a good thing as Sears may be forced to cancel their program because of us. So, if you have little boys, and Nana wants to know what to get them for Christmas, now you have a suggestion. Pants from Sears. Truly the gift that just keeps on giving.


Nicole said...

I didn't know that! My kids are constantly walking around like little hobos with no knees in their jeans because they almost instantly get holes in them. I think I shall check out Sears!

This Heavenly Life said...

I've heard about that program before, but my daughters are still growing pretty fast - plus their knees don't seem to get too much abuse yet. Now, if only there was a STAINvantage program...I'd be all set.

CC said...


My problem is that my son is really sensitive in his pants. He refuses to wear anything that isn't "soft". And sweats aren't even soft enough!! He wants super pre-worn dress pants!?

Beck said...

My kid ALWAYS has hobo pants. And we MOSTLY buy from Sears and I NEVER replace his pants! I need to GET ON THIS!

Anonymous said...

Just thinking after all the mony we as a family have spent at sear's the least they could do is replace a few pairs of kids pants. See why I love Sear's & have no love for that big blue store starting with Wal-Mart. Take care pumpkin.
Love PaPa