Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Small Story

Once up on a time I had sent the boys upstairs to get their jammies on. They've been doing this fairly well for a few months now. I came up a minute or two later after tidying the kitchen. I rounded the corner at the landing and gazed at my precious baby who was just starting to urinate on my carpet.

On purpose.

I may have raised my voice just a little bit.

He stopped. Which is why he is still drawing breath today.

We then had ourselves a time of correction.

When asked why he was doing such a thing, he shrugged and grinned. Apparently one does not need a reason to use my hallway as a urinal.

Then we had the following conversation while I scrubbed urine out of my carpet. I do believe in having my kids clean up the messes they made, but I also believe in clean carpet. This is one thing I do myself.

"Mommy, I am sorry for peeing on your carpet."

" I forgive you."

"Mommy, you need to say you are sorry."


"You was mad at me"

"I raised my voice to get you to stop your inappropriate behaviour. When we had our talk, mommy talked in a quiet voice. Mommy did not sin and she is NOT sorry that she disciplined you."

"I forgive you anyways."

And then my head exploded.

The end.


Knittinchick said...

A certain sibling told me about this incident... but your version is much better!

Hope that behavioral hiccup is done-never to show itself again!

Nicole said...

Ugh, pee carpet.

I once "somewhat" raised my voice over some weird incident, and the child responsible for voice raising said I should apologize for speaking sharply and hurting his feelings. Even though he was totally misbehaving.

Beck said...

I had an experience much like that once, but instead of PEE, I had poo. And when I shrieked WHAT ARE YOU DOING?, the offending child burst into tears and sobbed out "Mama is MEAN!"
Right. Sure.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm pretty sure head explosion is the only right response to such twisted logic.

Janet said...

Oh dear. I think my head would have exploded too.

Lenae said...

LOL. Oh my. I'm sure I will live out this same situation and conversation in the next few years...

granola_granny said...

Welcome to the well established world of double standard. I don't know why but kids have a totally different standard for our behavior than they have for theirs. In my experience, it doesn't disappear when they are teenagers.