Monday, December 14, 2009

The Bestest Christmas Concert Ever

As promised, I must tell you about Spud and Sprout's Christmas concert, but before I do I need to send a shout out to a hard-working blog designer.

Jackie from Memories by Design is one amazing chick. She is the one who designed Way Cooler's new blog. Which may not have been the easiest thing she has ever done. By a long shot. Way Cooler can be rather, um, precise in what he wants. Very, very precise.

She answered all his e-mails right away, did exactly what he wanted and then made revisions after revision, after revision, after precise revision . All while being exceedingly pleasant. Which is waaaay better than I would have done. If you ever need blog work done, I totally, totally recommend her.

Now about that concert. Spud was in a junior choir for the first time. He did a fantastic job. This is was a huge step for my son and way outside of his comfort zone. He rose to the challenge beautifully. We practised together so much that I may never get the songs out of my head but it was totally worth it seeing him up there on stage singing away.
It was totally a Hallmark moment.

Which stands in direct contrast to what had happened seconds earlier when Sprout sang with his Sunday School Class.

You know how in every concert there is a child who totally hogs the microphone, puts their hands down their pants and up then their nose and sings at the top of their lungs? The one who has to be moved way from the microphone for the second song?

This year it was my baby. I was SO PROUD. Or something like that. Did I mention that we attend one of the larger churches in our city? LOTS and LOTS of people got to see it.

And they were noticing. I could tell because the laughter ratcheted up a crescendo when he started to um, boogey.

Also a Hallmark moment.

P.S. Way Cooler is having a giveaway on his site. It turns out that while he has a good amount of traffic already financial blogs don't get the same kind of comment love as mommy blogs. Even when giving away Starbucks giftcards. So, if you head over, you stand a good chance of actually winning.


Knittinchick said...

So are you saying that we have to stop encouraging Sprout to stop dancing when the music comes on? I LURVE it.... it's so adorable.

Think about it... we were the kids who stood still b/c Mommy 'positively rewarded' us for such behavior and no one talked about us afterwards. Your kid stole the show!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm seriously trying to picture how one might boogie to He Made A Way In A Manger. And at least he didn't pull his pants DOWN, Momma. Sheesh. Someone's standards are way too high.

happygeek said...

When I say boogey, I do mean the green kind.

Karen said...

My friend whose 3yo was a show stealer yesterday didn't believe me when I told her that was why I enjoy the children's program so much.

The unpredictability of the kids is cute but watching the parents' reactions to their kids' antics is just as much a part of the fun.

I enjoyed your post. It was almost like being there. Hallmark moments, indeed.

Nicole said...

I love the show stealers. It's the best part about Christmas pageants. Actually, it's the best part about any performance featuring young children.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I just had to stop by and say thank you so much for the shout out! Way Cooler was great to work with, and honestly, I'd rather have a client who knows PRECISELY (very, very precisely):) what he wants than one who wants me to read his mind. Thank you for recommending me - I appreciate it.

I have a four year old daughter, and she will be in the Christmas Sunday School play next year. I wouldn't be surprised if she gives a performance similar to your Sprout. :) Love it!

CC said...

I'd love to see the boogey!!!

And I'm headed to Way Cooler's blog, cuz I loves me a giveaway!

Knittinchick said...

A green type of boogey.... i guess that's not so much a dancing type. I do like the idea of him multi-tasking if he wouldn't be a dancing king!