Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Do You Think?

While I am not one to shy away from controversy, I have avoided it on this blog.

Until now.

Forget religion, politics and breastfeeding in public, today I want to address something even more controversial.

The Christmas sweater.

Specifically, this one.

It's mine.

I've had it since university. Which I think helps clarify the state of my social life in university. However, it has recently come to my attention that maybe it is no longer as cool as it once was to wear this.

Or maybe it was never cool. I'm not exactly sure.


Since it takes a village to make the Geek look good what do you think?

Should I

A) Get it off to Goodwill as fast as my car will drive.

B) Keep it and wear it proudly, quirky is the new cool.

C) Save it. You never know when that will come back in style.

D) Forget Goodwill, do NOT subject anyone else to that. Burn it.

For the record, D is my Sister-in-law's choice. But she doesn't read the blog so she doesn't get a vote. You wonderful people do. Voting closes Friday at which time I will bow to to will of the people and do whatever the majority says.

The sweater's fate is in your hands. Vote wisely.


a Tonggu Momma said...

A. One person's Ugly Christmas Sweater is another person's Scary Halloween Costume.

This Heavenly Life said...

That would look smashing with a pair of trendy, shapeless boots...and a leprechaun kick :)

Nevertheless, I vote A.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

If you take it to Goodwill, you will delight someone to pieces when they go shopping for the annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party. (You've heard of those, right? And -- no offense -- this sweater is perfect.)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh! Oh! Better idea! Throw your OWN party! It can be your sending off present to the sweater, and you can wear it for the party and tell everyone it's yours. You'll be the hostess with the mostest.

Nicole said...

I want to say A, but I noticed in this month's O magazine that holiday sweaters are back! So I think I'll go against the tide and vote B. Maybe unbuttoned with a cute little tank top underneath, a pair of jeans, and some boots. I say B. Quirky IS the new cool.

Karen said...

If it makes you happy to wear a festive sweater, if it helps preserve your holiday spirit as you face battles at every store you enter this month, if it offers an additional layer of warmth in the frozen tundra, I say go for it! (Tell your sil that you have a chill and throw it on over your acceptable shirt.)

My teen daughter said "I don't think it's that bad. It does kinda remind me of Grandma, though." There you have it.

I guess that means my Christmas gift from her won't be a Christmas sweater.

Janet said...

I vote A. I can't do anything else. A, do A! A, A, A, A, A, A! That counts for at least 3 votes, n'est-ce pas?

momofthecrazies said...

I think you should keep it. We went to a party last year where we were supposed to wear "holiday wear". Unfortunately I had given my holiday sweater to Value Village and I had nothing to wear to the party! (This year's party is a 1950's theme and I'm no further ahead than I was last year!)

Anonymous said...

PaPa say KEEP IT It looks great on my pumpkin. Trendy smendy who cares. You have always looked adorable in it. These other people don't know style like we know style.

Leanne said...

I'll ask you the same question I ask my husband on occasion... "Why the heck do you still have clothes you wore in college?!". I'm no expert in fashion (by a long stretch), but the one rule I have is that if something comes back into style that you wore in another decade then you've already had your turn, do not wear it again! (Like skinny jeans for instance...) I vote "A".

Doctor Stock said...

I vote C - I've got clothes from high school too!

Knittinchick said...

One of the girls in my small group needs a "less-than perfect" christmas sweater for a party. This would b perfect! Gift it to her!

You look cute in your grey stylish ensemble this year or in black. Black is the holiday's best friend!

Lady Why said...

I vote A because someone can always do something with it even it's to unwind it and knit something else. Waste not, want not... but, that sweater's day has come and gone in its present form. That's my .02. :-)

Anonymous said...

I vote E, keep it for the kids dress up box

Veronica Mitchell said...

B. Embrace the quirk. Be proud. Be strong. Stare down the mockers. Look them dead in the eye and flip the switch on your electric Christmas-light socks. Coraggio, my geeky friend.

CC said...

B. Live it loud and proud.

(coming from the woman who today is wearing her "Valentine's Day sweater" 2 months early)

Heather of the EO said...

Um, A!!!

Unless you want to send it to me. Sometimes we get invited to Christmas parties where you're supposed to wear a Christmas sweater. (you know, to make fun of them-sorry)

Anonymous said...
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