Thursday, December 3, 2009

What We Found At The Library #1

Sarah from This Heavenly Life is hosting a Brand New Carnival!
This one is right up my alley. Books.


I'd like to have pics to go with the titles, but I have one of those colds where congestion is rapidly replacing grey matter and pictures are far beyond my ability. So, for today, you get Amazon links.

Next week, pictures.

I think.

Spud's Choice:

This is Spud's favorite book. Week after week after blessed week. I have very, very large portions of it memorized. LARGE portions. It is classic Seuss; a fun, silly story. It's about a little elephant who tries to save a very small town from certain death at the hands of some other jungle creatures that don't realize the town is actually full of people. Since they live on a dust speck and all. Much hilarity ensues. At least hilarity if you are five.

Sprout's Choice:

The hero in our story is Pierre, a fox (I think he is a fox, but hey, he could be a cat, the illustrations aren't all that clear) who has no friends. The story chronicles his journey up a large mountain to find a friend.

This one is full of repetition and fun sounds. Which basically is what Sprout looks for in a book. Quite honestly I think his favorite part is his mother reading Pierre's dialogue with a horrid French accent. I'm not trying to have a horrid French accent, I just do. He actually ends up sounding Italian when I do it.

It brings back precious memories of working for the federal government* and having to answer the phone in both French and English. It was easy to tell when the caller was a Francophone as there would be this pause and then poorly concealed laughter on the other end.

Mommy's Choice

No, I did not read this one to the boys. And technically I did not take it out of the library, it was loaned to me, but it was one of my favorite reads recently. I can't say I agree with everything Rob Bell says, but I like his approach. I can totally see why he's FREAKED OUT the Calvinists or any humourless defender of Orthodoxy but if you want a good look at the rationale behind some of the emerging church beliefs, this is a great read. Plus, it will not tax your grey matter at all. It's a tad bit simplistic, but I have a funny feeling he wasn't trying to write a classic work of theology. Seeing as how most great works of theology do not have Elvis in their title.

Spoiler alert: This book has basically nothing to do with Elvis.

So there you have it, gems from the library. For more selections, go see Sarah.

*I am Canadian and we have two official languages. So, I had to answer the phone, "Good Morning Transport Canada, Bonjour". And that is the extent of my French.


This Heavenly Life said...

Oh yay! I'm SO glad you participated! These are great! Sprout's choice especially looks like something Mia would enjoy.

I think some of my kids' favorite books are those where my voice must do strange things, as well. Accents, animal noises, sound effects...these all add to the enjoyment. Let's just say I'm glad there are usually no visitors to hear my dinosaur roar :/

Nicole said...

We got Horton Hatches an Egg out of the library, I was feeling nostalgic. I forgot how horrible that book is! It's really disturbing. The kids were somewhat traumatized (why did the mother bird leave, what's up with the circus, etc.) BUT I should get Horton Hears a Who - much better.

Heather of the EO said...

I have Velvet Elvis and haven't read it. Now I'm inspired to get around to it.

And I've been so busy (and sick) I totally missed Sarah's carnival. ABOUT BOOKS. I LOVE ME SOME BOOKS.

Oh well...maybe next time.

Heather of the EO said...

Came over (again) to answer your question.

My sweet Miles is next to me right now, asleep from exhaustion after all the throwing up. My poor boy. Prayers appreciated muchly. No temp yet. But he's not had food or much to drink in a long time. Ugh. this just sucks....

thank you for asking. And for your prayers.