Thursday, February 4, 2010

Humour, Pre-schooler style.

It's that time again!

Sarah is hosting her bi-weekly blogabration of books!

And since we seem to live at the library, my kids rate it right up there with the playland at McDonald's, I might as well share our latest "finds."

The boys are on a new kick with books this month. They MUST be funny. No sweet stories, or vibrant picture books, they want to laugh. And what makes pre-schooler boys laugh often makes mommy want to poke her eyes out with a large stick.

The following are a bunch of books we can all live with.

This is a delightful little story of a girl and her dog without a name. She embarks on great adventures with him, but at no point is it cloying or sappy, just kinda fun. I also really LOVED the simple illustrations. There was a lot of room for imaginations to fill in the blanks.

This one is just fun. Chester, (the overweight and rather ugly cat) takes over the story his author is trying to write. I have read this so much in the past three weeks I pretty much have it memorized and yet I still don't hate it. Which means this one truly is a keeper.

This is probably my least favorite, but as I am slowly discovering in parenting, the things we do not like, our kids really do. Just look at Barney. This is a rhyming book, with the added bonus of teaching children how to count backwards, as the bear's friends slowly eliminate ten hairy hunters. The illustrations are fun, and it fun for kids to guess which of bears friends are going to next take out a hunter. Don't worry, there is no actual death in the book, the hunters are just temporarily remanded.

So, that's what made us laugh this week, go visit Sarah for more great books!


This Heavenly Life said...

Good choices! We'll put the first two on our list and if we happen to see the third one....we won't run the other way :)

I'm so glad you're participating! It's really good to hear of other families enjoying the library as much as we do.

momofthecrazies said...

The illustration on the front of Chester totally reminds me of Patches. (Remember that cat?)

momofthecrazies said...
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Me In Life said...

Chester sounds hilarious! My boys would probably like the third one, especially if I didn't!!

I completely agree, my boys love those books I dread reading!!

Young Mom said...

Any book that I don't want to secretly hide in the garbage can after reading it 5 million times is a keeper, I might have to look for Chester!

Nicole said...

"Just look at Barney"!

So true. And so sad.

When they were smaller, my kids were obsessed with Mighty Machines, specifically the episode with the garbage dump. And I just couldn't watch it. It was so gross. They clamoured for it over and over.

Beck said...

Chester totally looks like my cat. Except my cat is solid yellow and doesn't have an intelligent expression like that cat.

Life In Progress said...

These look so fun, and just in time......we're heading to the library tomorrow!