Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sometimes Ya Gotta Smile

When you have strong-willed children behaviour often goes in cycles.

We are cycling through a low season right now. It's just a season, but like winter, it sometimes feels NEVER ENDING.

So, more for me than you, ten things that always make me smile.

1. Knit toques
2. Butter
3. Wearing flip-flops at the pool (knowing summer is coming)
4. Being on this side of Winter Solstice.
5. Insulated travel mugs - tea anytime is a beautiful thing
6. Feather duvets
7. My kids singing along to bad commercials on my talk radio station.
8. Star Trek Voyager novels. When I discovered them in the library I may or may not have done a dance.
9. Brownies.


Anonymous said...

Hang in their pumpkin it's just a season. Oh how we remember some of our season's with you as our star snow-flake. (tunring into drifts)

Janet said...

Call 1-800-267-2001, ALARM FORCE. (listed on the TSX) Oh yeah, I know crappy radio songs too.

ANd you are right. Tea at any time is a good thing.

momofthecrazies said...

Thing that make me smile:
My Sister

granola_granny said...

Three things that make me smile;
1. Our Grandsons and Great Grand neices and nephews. They don't come any cuter!
2. The books listed in your 'Humor Pre-Schooler style'. (Also love, "10 Minutes till Bedtime" by Peggy Rathmann)
3. Frappachinoes!!! If you lived closer we could go to 'Tarbucks'. You could have a Cahi or London Something and you already know what I'd order. Uncle Don could Boy Sit.

Knittinchick said...

things that make me smile:
*seeing you tonight
*the boys trying to tell jokes
*coffee in the morning
*the man at the gym who wears and 80s style headband and wrist cuffs

CC said...

what is "Knit toques"???

And are you SURE that toasted coconut and chocolate peppermint mochas don't make the list???? ;)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Seconding CC... what the heck are knit toques. Remember that Americans read your blog, please. *grin*

And that post? Was HYSTERICAL. I want some truth serum right now.

Anonymous said...

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beck'sthree said...

Having been inexcusably out of commission for the past few weeks, I just saw this post. I am so with you on butter and brownies, and I would add bananas and blueberry syrup because I apparently love anything food that starts with a B.

Thanks for the link . . . I was so surprised to discover where it led! :)