Monday, March 22, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

I had a lovely birthday, thank-you for asking. Way Cooler was away in the states on some PhD related thing-y so a couple of months ago I decided to throw myself a party this past weekend. Can we say narcissistic anybody?

I took the boys and a beloved cousin and we escaped to the mountains overnight. Can I tell you how much I love living near the Rockies again? SO FUN. There's something magical about being in an outdoor pool surrounded by mountains so close you feel you might be able to reach out and touch them. It's even better to have your children playing in the chilly pool while you sit in the hot-tub and discuss Amy Beth's new puppy. (For all you safety types, the boys were very close, wearing life-jackets and in waist deep water.)

The boys did not know we were going and it was utterly delightful to be able to tell them we were sleeping over IN A HOTEL IN THE MOUNTAINS. For my kids, sleeping anywhere other than their beds is a never ending treat and to be sleeping in the mountains? SHEER MAGIC.

We ate our way through the weekend. It was lovely. I had finally gotten over my fear of yeast dough (narcissistic and irrational) and made PW's Cinnamon buns. They were as good as advertised although I must warn you, if you live North of the 49th parallel you will probably not be able to bring yourself to use as much butter as she recommends.

I tried, I really did, but it was almost as if the entire Heart and Stroke foundation were holding my arms back and Janet and Greta were yelling at me "Step away from the liquid death". They were still good, just not quite as buttery as they might have been. I'm sure my heart (and definitely my hips) will thank me later.

My cousin made a caramelized onion dip that is so good I may have had it for breakfast the next morning. Along with a bun or two. If I make it to 70 it will be a miracle. (At least according to the heart and stroke foundation.)

Stay tuned this week, as soon as the snafus are all ironed out, I will be having a give-away. Happy days for you!


Anonymous said...

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Knittinchick said...

Thanks for the reminder of why I woke up for spin class. I will be hitting the gym to insure that our memories of this amazing weekend stay in our hearts and not on my hips.

It was such an amazing weekend.... thanks for including me. Things like being nicknamed Hula by Spud and hearing Spud and Sprout giggle their way through the Dolphin and Clown Fish games will be memories that I will treasure for a very long time.

BTW, I'm in for next year too ... in case you are looking for someone who is begging for a fun time again!

Nicole said...

Sounds like a most wonderful birthday. I love being in the Rockies. The air is like nowhere else. Also, I love cinnamon buns. If you can't go all out on your birthday, when can you?

HoodMama said...

OOOH! I love PW's Cinnamon Rolls. For sure all the butter is used south of the Mason Dixon line. Glad you had a happy birthday!

momofthecrazies said...

You are totally not narcissistic! Irrational, maybe, but not narcissistic! (JK of course!)

Glad you had a good time away and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

Janet said...

Sounds lovely! I'm glad you had a good day!

Life In Progress said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! I lived in Colorado during a few of my growing up years, and I adore the mountains. So glad you had a nice birthday!

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