Friday, March 19, 2010


Today is my birthday!!!!

AND I had a lovely give-away post all set up and ready to go, but we hit a technical snafu.

Tangent alert - - I LOVE the word snafu. I also like the word turnip and Chukanut. Try saying Chukanut three times fast and see if you don't feel a bit happier. If you don't then you may have issues with the grumpy. Just sayin'.

Anyway, I am celebrating my birthday today and trying not to think about the fact that I am half-way to 70. As a certain sister of mine keeps reminding me.

Not that 70 is old. NOT AT ALL. (Don't want to tick off the old people nearly 70 year olds that read this blog.

So, I off to make merry and on Monday (or so) will have a gift for you all! Or one lucky you.


momofthecrazies said...

Happy birthday to my favourite sister!! Enjoy the half-way-to-seventy mark!

Love you!

Lady Why said...

Happy Birthday, Happygeek! Enjoy your youth. Before you know it you'll be halfway to 86 and your husband halfway to 90. Not that I'd know anything about that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day filled with chocolate cake and lots of hugs from those boys of yours.

I'm a month away from being half-way to seventy myself. Funnily enough, that is exactly how I've been thinking about it. Half way to seventy.

Chukanut is a good word. You know what makes me happy? The Hall and Oates song "You Make My Dreams Come True." Yes, this is why I'm half way to 70.

Leanne said...

Happy birthday! I'm right behind you on being half way to 70... glad to know I'm in good company!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Happy Birthday! May it be SNAFU-free.

Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Knittinchick said...

Where are you???? I'm waiting to get the celebratin' a beginning!

35 is young. 70 is not old.

You're accomplished too for 35... you know what the word chukanut means!

Char said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite Geek!! You deserve a year of love and blessings and more fun than ever!!

And the first 35 years were spent in a large part doing things you had no choice about. These next ones are gonna rock!!

Janet said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!

PS- I think it was pretty rude of this spammer above me to put a weight loss thing ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. How rude. ;-)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Okay... now I've been caught out! I haven't read blogs in days and days. And I totally MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! Happy belated birthday to my favorite geek. What are you now? Like, 25? *grin*

granola_granny said...

Like Tonggu...I'm belated in my wishes.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My excuse is that I was busy celebrating a birthday with our beloved 'Wild Things' not too far from the Rockies. Hope your day WAS fabulous.