Monday, March 8, 2010

To Dream, Perchance to Sleep

I'm doing something I've never done before. I escaped from the house for the afternoon and am now busy blogging in the library. I have two hours and no distractions. I'm hoping for more than 7 sentences. But we shall see. I am also really wanting a nap as I was awake for a good part of the night re-starting Voyager's systems so that I could save it from an imminent Borg attack.

Yes, I probably should stop reading Star Trek novels before I go to sleep but then it would be something else. Like my mother would be kidnapped and only I could save her. While wearing a flapper dress. Sometimes an imagination is a good thing, sometimes it is not.

In the past ten years I can count on one hand the number of times I have woken up and not been in the middle of some drama. This puzzles Way Cooler to no end as a dream is a rare occurrence for him. His biggest peeve though is that when I wake up and we've been arguing in my dreams I cannot always separate dreams from reality and have gotten mad at him on more than one occasion for something my subconscious made up.

(Please do comment if this happens to you as well, as I'd like Way Cooler to think that I am normal. Or at least headed in the direction of normal.)

This whole dreaming thing really isn't my fault, it's hereditary. One of my mom's favorite stories is the time she was awoken to my dad shouting "Cover me" and then leaping out of the bed. Unfortunately for my dad, the hay bale he was leaping over was directly in front of his dresser. The bruises lasted for weeks. He said he had a hard time falling asleep after that as the bed was shaking too hard from all the silent laughing coming from the other side of the bed.

So what about you? Dream much? What's the weirdest thing you ever dreamt about?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that story about your dad is one of the best dream-tales I've ever heard. My mom always used to get ticked off at my dad for something he did in a dream, and she would even detail for him the conversation in which he was such a jerk, at which point he would say, in bewilderment, "But we never had that conversation."

Apparently my subconscious always picks my sister as the bad guy when I'm asleep, because I rarely dream that I've had an argument with my husband, but quite often I wake up steamed at my sister for doing something really petty and nasty to me. And then I have to remember that she would never, in fact, do that, and that it was a dream. And then I usually call her and we laugh. Ah, family!

(I've got to find some Voyager novels—I'm still mourning the show's cancellation, however many years ago it was now.)

Knittinchick said...

Mom once had a dream that Grampa was leading a wedding and was throwing big chains at the bride because she was so stupid and couldn't remember when to come down the aisle.

Does that count?

momofthecrazies said...

I've woken up choking the pillow next to me because I dreamed D had cheated on me. Probably a good thing he was out of town when I dreamed that one!

becksthree said...

This doesn't happen to me much, but it does to my husband. He wakes up irritated at me for all kinds of imaginary wrongdoing - especially the time he dreamt I left him for his best friend! Not sure what that says about our subconsciences, but it's always him with the crazy dreams in our house.

Nicole said...

I get into arguments with my husband in my dreams and then I hold a grudge after waking up. Similarly, if I'm having a romantic dream about my husband, I wake up all moony.

I'm really affected by watching TV before bed. The Godfather gives me nightmares of me being a mobster. NYPD Blue - which I love - gives me dreams that I'm angrily questioning suspects and possibly getting physical with them. Last week I watched the Office and dreamed I had a screaming newborn who wouldn't latch...that was the worst dream of all!!!! Kidding (sort of).

Janet said...

I dream all the time. If it's not scary stuff, then it's weird stuff. My hubby is also perplexed by this as he rarely dreams. I can't think of my weirdest one right now, but I have some VERY weird ones. My latest worst nightmare (and I get a lot of those too) was that the devil was torturing Isabelle. Her face was contorted in pain and I couldn't stop him. It was beyond horrible.

I also dream of arguing with my husband. And then I'm angry with him for no reason. I KNOW, logically, that we didn't fight but I still feel bitter.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I am all about holding grudges against those who make me angry in dreams. It's just the way I am. *grin*

Ashley said...

Love this entry! I think I could have written it! I dream all the time and it's so vivid!